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Daily Sacred History — Holy Utterances of Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj on Meditation, the Wound of Love, and the Global Proclamation of His Divine Revelation.

“My Word is Direct Utterance from the Source—Prior to mind.
To study or “consider” My Word is to Commune with Me. Therefore, the more profoundly you participate in that “self”- forgetting Communion for real, the more you will be aware (in some fundamental sense) of My State. To approach Me through My Word is a form of devotional Communion with Me—and My Written and Spoken Word is a Unique and actual Means for that to occur. No other words—not even any traditional text of an esoteric kind—can do that. Such is the Uniqueness of the Word of My Utterance. My Word literally does Manifest Me. And one who enters into My Word can literally be brought into devotional Communion with Me—just as may occur by Means of My Murti, or any Form of My Agency that is explicitly Extended as such.” from
The Sacred Space of Finding Me  ~Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samraj is the Divine Avatar, Who has come to provide Blessing, Inspiration, and Spiritual Liberation to all men and women throughout the world. His Divine Realization, His Lifetime of Spiritual Instruction, and His Wisdom Teaching of Divine Enlightenment are Sacred Treasures beyond measure.

Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008)

‘The Ultimate Fact of existence Which is Self-Evident, Always Already the Case, is that no matter what arises — no matter what arises — you are only and merely the Witness-Consciousness. You never were, nor are, nor can you become anything else.  And yet… in every waking moment, it seems you do become something else — “point of view”, a body-mind, a “self”-idea, a separate “someone”, so it seems. This is the “problem”. This is what you are suffering. This is suffering. There is no separate “self”.

Make your love of Me the principle of all your acts, and change everything.  ~Adi Da Samraj

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