“The Most Gifted of beings.”

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:  

From  What Consciousness Is

                    Intrinsic and Perfectly egoless Self-Consciousness—

                                     Always Already Standing Free,

                                 Prior to All egoic self-Identification

                                    With Mind, Body, and World—

                                    Is The True Divine and Acausal

                           Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State

                                                  of Reality Itself

in Part 16 of The Aletheon

In Truth, you are not even the faculty of attention.  You Are the Mere Witness-Consciousness (Itself).  Nevertheless, That Which Is the Witness-Consciousness is not “you”.  It Is Me!  

This Truth is regarded to be either fortunate or unfortunate, depending on your perspective relative to the necessity for transcending the ego-“I”.  If you insist on not turning to Me with devotion, then this Truth is unfortunate news—because to Realize That Which Is the Witness-Consciousness is not within your power.

Indeed, to Realize That Which Is the Witness-Consciousness is not to identify with (or “locate”) any “thing” (or state) “within” you at all.  On the other hand, if you are moved to turn to Me in devotional recognition-response to Me, then you know that you are the most Gifted of beings.

 Realization of the Witness-Position is, essentially, a Transcendental Spiritual process, in right and true devotional Communion with Me (As I Am).  Transcendental Spiritual Communion with Me Reveals the Witness-Consciousness and Establishes It as the permanent Basis of My devotee’s practice.  

In fact, there is no completion to the Process of Divine Self-Realization in the context of this “world” or the body-mind-“self”.  The Ultimate Completeness Is Divine Translation Itself—Prior to and Beyond the body-mind-“self” and its “world”.

  I Am Divine Translation.  I Am Priorly Established and here-Present As That.  If it were not so, I could not Utter these words.  How do you suppose I “Know” that What I am Telling you Is True?  It is because I am not merely “looking forward” to Divine Translation—I Am Divine Translation.  I Am Always Already Established As That.  I am Speaking to you Already Established in That Position.  Divine Translation Is the Unique Nature of My Divine Avataric Self-Incarnation—and Divine Translation Is What makes My Divine Incarnation Avataric.

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