SACRED HISTORY for November 16th

1980  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” the desire for higher “knowledge” and how true Wisdom arises.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“One can believe all kinds of things, at some superficial level, even though they have not been ‘experienced’, but it is only in the maturing of the disposition of surrender, of faith and trust in the Divine, that actual ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’ of a higher kind occurs. It has no basis to develop before then.

So, to find out about survival of death and subtler dimensions of existence, for instance, you must first surrender, whereas people think that before they can surrender they must find out about all of that. But you do not have the vehicle, the disposition, the profundity to find out about that. If you did, you could observe it instantaneously.

But you live in a relatively superficial ‘self’-bound state, so you are not disposed to directly observe the features of existence that relate to such understanding, such ‘knowledge’ as that which happens at death.

So, first you must surrender and mature through faith, trust in the Divine, trust in the Nature of nature, the Condition of conditions, practicing that ‘self’-sacrifice, free of even the demand for ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’. Because (ultimately) you live in Ignorance relative to an Infinite Source of Grace, and, therefore, your only fundamental business is to surrender to What Is Great.

Whether you have any ‘knowledge’, whether or not you ever acquire any ‘knowledge’, there must be no conditions placed on it. And if you participate in that disposition, then, by Grace various forms of ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’ arise, because by Grace you become more profound and are in a disposition, a position, to ‘Know’ What Is Always and Already Obvious but not conceivable or perceptible by you in your superficial ego-possessed state.

So, it is by becoming profound that wisdom grows, and things that belong to such wisdom (which only comes by Grace) cannot be conceived or perceived until you have become a sacrifice. That is the nature of the fierce aspect of the Divine, Which Confronts you in all times and places, in all of your ‘self’-states.

You want to shore up the ‘self’ of ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’, but the Divine Confronts you with the Demand for the transcending of egoity, for ‘self’-sacrifice. That is the Absolute Condition that confronts you at all times, in every moment of your existence.”  ~Da Love-Ananda Mahal

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