SACRED HISTORY for September 25th

1982  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Discourses on the apparent “difference” between “things as they seem” and the Divine Reality.

Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

“Many forces are present in the ‘world’, but, ultimately, everything arises in a Condition of perfect alignment with the Living One. Therefore, everything may be Realized to be in a state of perfect unity with the Great One, in spite of whatever ‘causes’ may have produced a particular moment.

Every moment is coincident with Reality Itself, with Real God, with Divine Enlightenment, with Love-Bliss, with Truth Itself. Every moment may also appear to be utterly different from Real God, Divine Enlightenment, Truth Itself, or Reality Itself. Everything may seem to be samsaric or everything may be Realized to be Nirvanic. The ‘difference’ is a matter of Realization, not a ‘difference’ in things themselves.”

Adi Da Samraj goes on to Say:

“There is nothing about anything that is appearing at this moment that is anything less than Truth Itself, anything less than Divine Enlightenment. You may presume it is less than Divine Enlightenment, because you cannot (in this moment) presume otherwise. You may presume the samsaric limitation of what appears at this moment, but in your Awakening you will see that all of this samsara, all of this conditional existence, is nothing but Nirvana, or Divine Being. That Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Reality will Transfigure all ordinary events and Reveal the Vision of them as they truly Are, in Reality, and then you will be completely free, absolutely free, like the Divine Avataric Adept-Realizer, like the Divine Avataric Master, Whose Freedom Is Absolute, Non-conditional, ‘caused’ by nothing, dependent on nothing. The Divine Avataric Adept-Realizer does not meditate any longer, Acts spontaneously, Freely.

Whatever arises, low or high in the scale of the Cosmic Mandala, is Recognizable as the Same One, the Same Condition, the Same Love-Bliss. So the Divine Avataric Master serves His devotees as Real God. All of their ordinariness is the Form of Real God to the Divine Avataric Adept-Realizer.

Thus, the Divine Avataric Adept-Realizer Self-Submits to devotees as Real God, Combines with them, Accepts their qualities, Animates their qualities. Those qualities are Divine from the Divine Avataric Adept-Realizer’s ‘Disposition’, although from the ‘point of view’ of devotees they may seem to be ‘problematic’ or an expression of their neurosis, their bondage. But that is the result of their false views, their false vision, their un-Happiness, their ‘Narcissism’. Transcend that ‘Narcissism’ and what is there about this moment that is less than Happiness? Nothing.

There is not the slightest ‘difference’ between this moment as it appears and the Infinite Sublimity of the Transcendental Spiritual Divine Being, not even the slightest ‘difference’, not even a hair’s breadth of ‘difference’. No ‘difference’. To you it may seem like there is some ‘difference’. You are struggling for Happiness. But at the same time that you are struggling for Happiness, you are superimposing un-Happiness on this moment. That is why you are struggling for it, for Happiness.

There is nothing wrong with anything. Nothing. Everything simply Is. So, Be Conscious simply as the Tacit Self-Apprehension of Being, and Realize That It Is Happiness, or Love-Bliss.

This is My Teaching, this is the essential summary of Truth Itself, and has nothing whatever to do with dissociation, inwardness, separation, egoity, ‘other-worldliness’, alternative phenomena, alternative ‘experience’.

If you are Conscious As the Tacit Self-Apprehension of Being in this moment, then everything is justified. Nothing is wrong. Everything is Real God.”  ~Da Love-Ananda Mahal

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