1998    Adi Da Samraj Declares the house in Trinidad, California His Hermitage and Names it “Tat Sundaram Hermitage”

2004   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” the difference between motivated surrendering of the faculties and responsive turning of the faculties to Him.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

“Simply turning the faculties to Me, regardless of their content or tendency, is the practice. This demonstrates itself, in due course, as surrender to Me—but not the intentional act or presumed practice of surrendering the faculties to Me.

You do not surrender the body-mind-complex to Me. You turn the body-mind-complex to Me, responsively. Not as a technical exercise. Not in the form of working on yourself, but responsively, in response to Me. Recognizing Me, feeling toward Me, you turn the faculties to Me, moment to moment. When it becomes a truly effective practice in the midst of the total life of discipline I have Given you, it is shown as surrender. But it is not about seeking to surrender to Me. This understanding is very basic to right practice of ‘radical’ devotion to Me.”

Adi Da then Says:

“Responsively turning to Me is not an egoic act. It is an ego-transcending action done entirely on the basis of devotional response to Me. It is intrinsically ego-transcending, and it becomes surrender without seeking to be surrendered. Turning to Me shows itself as surrender to Me, or, in other words, searchless Beholding of Me. When that practice is true, that is the evidence it shows.

When there is that searchless Beholding, then there is a sensitivity to Me, in which I am ‘Located’ and ‘Known’ Transcendentally Spiritually. It is not a ‘method’ for awakening some kind of presumed Spiritual energy in your own egoic person. It is not Kundalini Yoga, and so forth. It is the Divine Yoga. It is an orientation of searchlessness, merely Beholding Me, turned to Me with all the faculties, in all functional, practical, relational, and cultural circumstances.

This is, itself, inherently, a unique form of receptivity, in which My Unique Transcendental Spiritual Transmission of My Own Person and State may be felt. It leads to the ‘Perfect Practice’ if done seriously, rightly, exactly as I Instruct you.” Adi Da Samrajashram

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