SACRED HISTORY for October 5th

1980   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” why prayer “works”. In the Talk that is later published in The Aletheon as the Essay “Real Ecstasy”.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“When the ego prays, the practice of prayer is merely an ego-made, ‘self’-deluded, ritually dramatized, and one-sided faux performance—a monologue pretending to be a dialogue, or a soliloquy (whether personal or collective) that is theatrically played to look and feel like a ‘conversation with God’.

The conventional (or ego-based) practice of prayer is a construct (or a culturally-prescribed art form) that emerges from the ‘roots’ of social ego-culture. In the exercise of ego-made prayer, ego-patterned desires, egoically limited states of ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’, and ego-bound and ego-made sufferings are made the basis for searchful utterances toward a socially prescribed and imagination-dependent ‘God’-idea.

When people ‘talk with God’ in the ‘conversational’ (and merely social-egoic) manner of conventional prayer, they, characteristically, ‘ask God’ for favors—as one would ask favors of a parent. Nevertheless, those who devote themselves to such conventional prayer rituals do often ‘experience’ some kinds of ‘results’ in their lives—as if such prayers ‘cause’ actual ‘God-effects’.

Why is that? Is The Divine a kind of ‘floating parent’ who is attracted to you if you say the right words with the right pronunciation and perform the right ritual?

Is The Divine waiting for the ‘right signals’? If you give the ‘right signals’, does The Divine then ‘listen in’ to your prayer, and (especially if you are ‘morally good’) give you the ‘result’ you desire? Why does conventional prayer ‘work’ at all?

Prayer ‘works’ because Reality Itself Is. Prayer ‘works’ because Reality Itself—Which Is The egoless, Indivisible, and Only Real God—Is all-and-All-Pervading.

Prayer ‘works’ because Reality Itself Is The Acausal Source-Condition, or The Perfectly egoless Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of all of this apparent arising of conditional ‘world’.

Therefore, wherever one makes an opening in one’s life that permits The all-and-All-Pervading and Intrinsically Free Force of Reality Itself to enter into any aspect of one’s existence, the ‘God-effect’ is immediately felt there. It is not that Reality Itself—or Real God—is a universal, parental personality who hears all one’s ‘conversational’ prayers.

Rather, Real God Is The Intrinsically egoless, Indivisible, Acausal, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself—and (Therefore) The all-and-All-Pervading and Self-Evidently Divine Spiritual Presence of Reality Itself and the universally pervasive natural energy of cosmically-evident Reality Itself Are always immediately available to rightly-oriented human psycho-physical participation.

Whenever conventional (or ego-based) prayer functions (to whatever degree) as a psycho-physical ‘self’-opening—and, thus, as a potentially ‘effective’ intention to direct available energy to specific aspects of personal existence—then the universally pervasive natural energy (and, as the case may be, The all-and-All-Pervading Divine Spiritual Reality-Presence) will flow into those areas of existence to the degree, and with the potency, that is made possible by the ‘causative’ force of one’s prayer-intention and the quality of one’s felt participation in the process.

Thus, conventional (or ego-based and personally strategic) prayer will tend to produce ‘results’—if such prayer is offered with a degree of real force and integrity of psycho-physical participation. Indeed, this ‘cause-and-effect’ principle is always intrinsically the case, even though (as in the case of conventional prayer) the actual process whereby ‘results’ are produced is not understood by one who engages in conventional prayer”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“However, the ‘results’ of conventional prayer do not occur for the reasons that the one praying imagines they occur—but, rather, conventional prayer is a ritually-enacted and ego-based substitute for what would otherwise be intrinsically ego-transcending understanding of (and direct engagement in) the ‘cause-and-effect’ process of tacit (or wordless and mind-free) psycho-physical participation in the cosmically-evident Reality-principle of the ‘world’.

The ‘results’ of conventional prayer occur because of the Reality-principle of the universal inherent psycho-physical participation of all-and-All in conditionally manifested existence—and, therefore, the ‘results’ of conventional prayer do not occur because The Divine is the kind of separate ‘Superior Being’ proposed by conventional ‘religious’ ego-thinking.

Conventional prayer is an exercise in ‘substitution magic’—wherein a ‘God’-idea is proposed as substitute for the ego-‘I’, whose own mind projects the ‘God’-idea as a ‘magical other’ from which favors are to be requested.

Once the body-mind-complex of the esoteric practitioner is opened to The universally pervasive natural and Spiritual Energy, That Energy tends to produce ‘effects’ according to the esoteric practitioner’s intention—even if no ‘substitution magic’, or ritualized employment of ‘God’-ideas (or ‘tribal Deity-myths’), is introduced into the process.

The body-mind-complex is itself the only necessary ‘technique’ for participation in the cosmic processes of ‘cause-and-effect’.

How one participates in the process determines the kinds of ‘results’—or all the possible ‘experiences’, all the forms of possible ‘knowledge’, and all the apparent ‘powers to control nature and destiny’—that are (potentially) generated by means of esoteric Yogic and Spiritual ‘techniques’ and (otherwise) by means of conventional (or exoteric) prayer ‘techniques’ (or even by means of any otherwise applied means of ‘science’, ‘magic’, or esoteric ‘mysticism’).

Whether by ‘religion’ or ‘science’ or ‘magic’ or esoteric ‘mystical techniques’, it is possible for human beings to produce negative ‘effects’ as well as positive ‘effects’ on naturally-patterned events.

In any case, the ‘effects’ apparently generated by the ‘cause-and-effect’ manipulation of universally pervasive natural energy are determined by one’s state of mind and body, and by one’s conditionally-patterned characteristics altogether. Therefore, it is not Intrinsically egoless, Indivisible, and Acausal Reality Itself (or Real God) That is ‘Causing’ the ‘results’ of prayer—or, otherwise, of ‘religious’, ‘scientific’, ‘magical’, or however esoteric ‘mystical’ practices—but, rather, it is always the ‘technique’ of applying the body-mind-complex to intend pattern-changes in the universal cosmic field of ‘causes-and-effects’ that is ‘causing’ the ‘results’.

In The only-by-Me Revealed and Given ‘Radical’ (or Always ‘At-The-Root’) Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam), ‘true prayer’ is engaged as the whole-bodily-participatory (or total psycho-physical) ‘conscious process’ of Real Ecstasy—or egoless Transcendental Spiritual Divine Communion. In that practice of ‘true prayer’, My devotee responsively exercises the body-mind-complex in a Me-recognizing devotional process of tacit direct participation in The Intrinsically egoless, Indivisible, Acausal, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

Thus, in The only-by-Me Revealed and Given ‘Radical’ (or Always ‘At-The-Root’) Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam), true prayer’ is the Intrinsically ego-transcending practice of Real Ecstasy, whole-bodily-demonstrated as devotional Communion with Me As I Am.

When My true devotee practices ‘true prayer’, he or she (potentially, and only secondarily, and, perhaps, even indirectly, or unintentionally) also ‘causes’ positive changes at the level of conditional (or psycho-physical) ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’, but the orientation of the practice is, in any case, always to ecstatic participation in The egoless, Indivisible, and Acausal Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Self-Evidently Divine Reality Itself—through the intrinsic and always prior transcending of egoity in whole-bodily-recognition-responsive devotional Communion with Me As I Am.

Therefore, in that practice of ‘true prayer’, the body-mind-complex—which is, otherwise, both the ‘technique’ and the goal of conventional prayer (and of ‘religion’, ‘science’, ‘magic’, and conventional, or traditional, ‘mystical’ esotericism)—is (itself) transcended, and Only The Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality (Itself and Intrinsically) Is (thereupon, and tacitly, and searchlessly) Realized.

If you are My true and rightly practicing devotee, the life that you might otherwise have presumed to have been ‘Created’ (or ‘Caused’ and ‘Chosen’) by the ‘God’ you ‘had in mind’ has ceased to be a pattern with which you egoically ‘self’-identify.

Thus, in the practice-process of the right and true devotional (and, in due course, Transcendental Spiritual) relationship to Me, your conditionally manifested life has always already ceased to be ‘effective’ as an egoically ‘self’-limiting process—and, at last, your conditionally manifested apparent life is utterly Outshined (or Transcendentally Spiritually Dissolved and Vanished) in Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization.” ~San Rafael, California

1994   Adi Da Samraj Reveals His Divine Title “The Da Avatar”~Adi Da Samrajashram

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