SACRED HISTORY for November 2nd

1981  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Speaks of the seventh stage Realization and the non-necessity of conditional existence.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

The seventh stage of life is the state in which everything is Divinely Recognizable in Truth. It is the Condition of Realization in Which everything appears as Reality, whereas in the first six stages of life everything appears as unreality.

The ‘world’ is unreal in the first six stages of life. It is Real in the seventh stage of life, but it is not necessary. It is not binding. It is utterly, Divinely Recognizable in the Self-Radiant and Self-Existing Transcendental Spiritual Divine Being. It Is an Utterly Free Condition. It Is the Real Condition of birth.

From a certain ‘point of view’, birth is a matter of unreality, bondage, or suffering. In the first six stages of life, it seems to be merely that. In the seventh stage of life, life is Divinely Recognizable in Reality. Life is not seen as something necessary, or something that, in itself, is Real. Rather, life is transcended in Love-Bliss. It does not have the power to create the vision of unreality.

In the seventh stage of life, one enjoys the Accomplishing-Power of the Vision of Reality as a perpetual Realization, Which cannot be destroyed by any feature of conditional existence.” ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

1993  Adi Da Samraj Gives Oral Instruction on the traditional and right approach of political and secular leaders to Him as Parama-Guru.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“My role in this Place is Spiritual and cultural rather than political. In the traditional setting, it was understood that the senior reality was the Spiritual Reality, and, therefore, politicians were not visited by Saints, or Realizers. Rather, politicians went to the Realizers for Blessings and for Spiritual advice.

In India, for example, government officials and others who were not actually practicing the details of the Way came regularly to see Bhagavan Nityananda and Swami Muktananda and Ramana Maharshi, out of respect, and to receive the Realizer’s Blessing. The common understanding was that anyone could come into the Realizer’s Company who came acknowledging the Realization of that one and the Blessing to be received in that one’s company.

Therefore, traditionally, politicians remained aligned to the Sacred by stepping out of the realm of politics and visiting the Realizers in order to be Spiritually refreshed and set right. This same understanding applies to My Presence here. It is right that people with secular responsibility should come here to receive My Blessing. All those who relate to Me here should understand that I am stepped out of politics, and that when they come here they, too, step out of the political circumstance and into the Sacred Sphere.”

Adi Da then Concludes:

“As I have Instructed you in the Ruchira Avatara Gita, the traditional Way of Guru-devotion is that the devotee acknowledges the Guru, and then the Guru Reveals himself or herself. This process is occurring in general in My Divine Avataric Work. Therefore, there can now be such traditional acceptance of Me.

In My Divine Avataric Work, I have been involved in the Process of Coming here, Acquiring the Island of Naitauba Transcendentally Spiritually, Purifying it, Establishing Myself Fully, Transcendentally Spiritually, here, and Establishing this Place Transcendentally Spiritually without interference. This Process was the necessary preliminary to My Divine Avataric Work here and to the Granting of Access to Me here.

Therefore, I Call all to understand this Process and to allow Me to Take My Transcendental Spiritual Stand on this Island.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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