SACRED HISTORY for November 21st

1982    Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Reads from, and Discourses upon, a new Essay, “Freedom from the Ideal of Purity”, later published in Crazy Wisdom magazine.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Writes:

“‘Problem’-based and dualistic systems of ‘religious’, Spiritual, and philosophical approach to the Divine Condition tend to emphasize an orientation toward purification as a basic means of Realization. But the ego—not its mere entanglements—is what must be transcended.

If the ego is purified over time, it must yet be transcended, ultimately. But if the ego is transcended presently, the Divine Condition is Realized directly.

‘Problem’-based and dualistic systems of approach to Realization are rather conventional and indirect. They provide the basis for conventional and primarily exoteric systems of ‘religion’, ritual, social morality, prayer, meditation, and so forth. They tend to be more concerned about seeking than they are about actual Realization. They are very serious about this ‘world’ and the popular welfare. They are addressed to egos, and they serve those who are yet committed to the motives of the born ego (and not yet profoundly committed to the transcending of egoity and ultimate Realization).

I Acknowledge that the ego is impure, or entangled in its own results. But I Teach the Way of moment to moment ‘radical’ (or ‘at-the-root’) ‘self’-understanding, the present-time transcending of egoity, and direct Realization. Therefore, I do not emphasize the conventional motive toward purification.

The purified ego is still the ego—and as long as the ego (or even the phenomenal body-mind-complex) persists, perfect purification is not possible.

The ideal of perfect purity is ego-made.

Such perfect purification need not be your concern. You must ‘consider’ the conditions of existence more directly and fully. In doing so, you will indeed be purified to a significant degree—that is, you will restore balance, or equanimity, regenerate your fundamental energy, and set your attention free to Realize the Truth. Likewise, if you see yourselves fully, you will enjoy a more balanced view of human existence—free of righteous ‘self’-suppression and all of the kinds of public and private intolerance that reflect the righteous ideal of too much purity.

Above all, what becomes possible through direct ‘self’-understanding is a correct view of Divine Self-Realization—that it is based not on righteous ‘self’-purification but on the free transcending of egoity.

The only ultimate ‘purity’ is egoless Awakening to the Condition That Is Perfectly Beyond and Prior to birth, change, ‘experience’, ‘knowledge’, and death.”  ~Da Love-Ananda Mahal

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