SACRED HISTORY for January 28th

1998    Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” the difference between mere “functionalism” and ego-transcending practice.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj, Says:

“Functioning is not ego-transcending practice. Everybody functions, everybody acts, does this and that. Some actions are negative in their effect, others are positive, but even the positive ones are not intrinsically ego-transcending practice. They are still just actions which produce results. That is just conditional patterning.  The more actions you perform of any kind, the more results you get, of various kinds, depending on the nature of your actions. Results are not Realization.  They are just more conditions.

True practice is devotional Communion with Me–in the context of every kind of action, every kind of function, every relation, every moment of existence. I have accounted for it all in My Instruction of you, such that you will know how to make every kind of actionor function, process, moment, relationship, whatever it may beinto a moment of devotional Communion with Me, ego-surrendering, and ego-forgetting.

Therefore, whenever you are involved in any kind of action, under any circumstances, it is ego-transcending practice only if it is devotional Communion with Me. It is ego-transcending practice only if it is turning to Me, forgetting ‘self’, and entering into the state of ego-forgetting devotional Communion with Me.”

Adi Da then Says:

“Any kind of circumstance, event, action, can be rightened and made into devotional Communion with Me. If it is not, it is ‘self’-meditation, an exercise in ego-possession, ‘self’- remembering instead of Real-God-Remembering. And ‘self’-remembering is suffering, Real-God-Remembering is Liberation.

So the true devotee is always involved in Communing with Me, Remembering Me, does not want it to be otherwise, has found it, in fact, intolerable to be in any other disposition. The true devotee does not want there to be encumbrances of body-mind, of disposition, of thought–whatever it may be that is ego-possessed or diverted from Me.

The devotee, devotionally recognizing Me, sensitive to Me, knows the difference between that Fullness and any other kind of moment, which is simply about ego-possession. Having enjoyed the Love-Bliss of devotional Communion with Me, the true devotee would not have there be any other kind of moment.

And, so, I have Instructed you how to live as true devotees of Mine. I have Given you Instruction that covers every aspect of your life, every kind of function, relationship, action, circumstance. And that is how to enjoy this Love-Bliss-Communion with Me.” ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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