SACRED HISTORY for February 26th

1983   The God in Every Body Book published

1984   Do You Know What Anything Is? published

1993  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” how practitioners of the Reality-Way of Adidam must use the devotional means He has Given to deal with the limits of egoity.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

“The devotional means I have Given you purifies and transforms the being, purifies you of all of your aberrations and prepares you to go further.

The devotional life in My Divine Avataric Company is not a struggle with social-personality ‘problems’. It deals with that out front, and then goes on. This process is about Real-God-Realization—therefore, it is about devotional Communion with Me.”

Adi Da Samraj goes on to Say:

“Your resort to Me is resort to the Divine. If you are godless, you will not use Me rightly. So you must persist in this ego-surrender, this ego-forgetting, Attracted to Me Beyond yourself.

Engage the practices of devotion to Me, all the practices I have Given you. Do them more intensively. Do them more often. Do that fundamental practice of ‘radical’ devotion to Me moment to moment. Resort to Me moment to moment. Demonstrate it through real service to Me. Be rightly ‘self’-disciplined. Handle your life-business. Do this from the beginning.” Adi Da Samrajashram

1998   “The Overnight Revelation of Conscious Light” period begins.  ~Da Love-Ananda Mahal

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