SACRED HISTORY for March 29th

1994  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees, and, in the Talk “I Will Be Incarnated Countlessly Through My Devotees”, later published in My “Bright” Form), Reveals how the Devotional Prayer of Changes requires the taking of responsibility in every area of individual and collective practice in the Reality-Way of Adidam, drawing upon His Virtue, not “creature-power”, to accomplish real change.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“What is the practice I have Given My devotees for the positive changing of conditions? It is the Devotional Prayer of Changes, which is, first of all, ego-surrendering and ego-forgetting devotional Communion with Me. In that Communion with Me, My devotee actively relinquishes and releases all egoic ‘self’-identification with, and affirmation of, negative (or non-useful) conditions—and My devotee actively affirms, receives, and enacts positive (or useful and right) conditions.

What is that process about? It is about making use of My Virtue, or My Mere and Blessing Presence. In devotional Communion with Me, you associate with, participate in, and draw upon My Own Virtue.

I am Calling you to assume your responsibilities and to really, effectively (rather than only randomly, and, therefore, ineffectively) do the Devotional Prayer of Changes—including making active changes, as necessary. Do it. Draw on My Virtue, rather than bringing Me ‘problems’ and negative conditions and expecting Me to deal with them. I have Given you the Means for making positive changes, through your devotional Communion with Me. Therefore, I have Transferred to you certain responsibilities that, until now, have been Mine.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“The Devotional Prayer of Changes can be effective relative to all kinds of things—if, as My devotees, you would draw on My Virtue and do the Devotional Prayer of Changes as I have Given it to you, which is a form of whole bodily turning to Me, or participation in Me.

By practicing the Devotional Prayer of Changes and handling your responsibilities, you replace the kind of Work I have Done (during My physical human Lifetime here, through the Intentional Exercise of My Divine Siddhis) to Effect positive changes.

You will always be able to draw on Me, forever, through right practice of the Devotional Prayer of Changes.

After the death of This Body, I need not be physically present (or present in any sense within the cosmic domain) and intentionally exercising My Divine Siddhis. It is not necessary. Just as, over the years, I have Done something for a while and then have Shown you how to do it, have Given you Instruction about something and then have Given you the responsibility for doing it, so also do I Call you to participate in making My Divine Siddhis—even These—Effective in the ‘world’.

You make Me Effective by doing the practice I have Given to you—rather than transferring the responsibility to Me and expecting Me to fulfill it by My Intention, by My maintaining a mechanism within this domain or within any portion of the cosmic domain. Having Given you both the Instruction and the Means for participating in Me, I need no longer be Active within the cosmic domain—because, in effect, you are providing the mechanism for My Activity.

I Am Merely Present.

Therefore, this is the Significance of My Divine Mahasamadhi:

All responsibility is Given over—not separate from Me, but in participation in Me. Then I need not maintain a mechanism within the cosmic domain, because I already Have countless such mechanisms in Communion with Me, Merely Present.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

2010  The first edition of The Gnosticon is presented to His Eternal Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, at Atma Nadi Shakti Loka,  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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