SACRED HISTORY for April 10th

From:  “The Mirror and The Checkerboard“, Part 11The Aletheon

The Mirror (Consciousness Itself – The Source)
The Checkerboard (conditionality – The entire “world” of apparently “objective” reality)

As the ego-“I”, you function as the body does with reference to Consciousness Itself — in ignorance of the Consciousness-Position. It is as if the cells of the physical body “meet” together in order to determine how they are going to “dictate” — in an entirely insubordinate manner — the pattern of existence for Consciousness Itself! Then, Consciousness, without direct and intuitive understanding of Its Own Condition, “goes along” with these “demands” — as if the body were, in fact, the Identity of Consciousness Itself. Such is the essence of egoity.

For Consciousness to Wake Up to Its Own Self-Position (or to Recognize Its Own State) Is Divine Self-Realization. However, Divine Self-Realization is not merely a mental process.  Rather, Divine Self-Realization Is, necessarily, a Transcendental Spiritual process. And the Real Transcendental Spiritual process requires the orientation of devotion — which is the orientation to What Is Beyond the “self”-knot. To embrace the life of devotion to Me, My devotee must cease to “grant” the body (or the total body-mind-complex, or the complex psycho-physical totality) the “right” to “design” the pattern of his or her existence.

In Reality, the body is not senior to Consciousness Itself. In Reality, Consciousness Itself Is Senior — subordinate to nothing and no one. However, in the human “world”, everything is patterned by ego. Once the ego-pattern “gets rolling”, it replicates itself automatically. For that pattern to be corrected, you must become aware of what you (as ego) are doing, and you must change your act — and you must be culturally obliged, by means of systematic accountability, to change your act (based on right “self”-observation and right “self”- understanding). All of this is required in order for the Transcendental Spiritual process to be Real — and It cannot be otherwise.

Without My Divine Avataric Intrusion into your life, your ego-pattern merely replicates itself endlessly, relative to everything whatsoever — and you remain trapped in the ego-possessed domain of “point of view”. The ego-patterning of each individual human being, and even the collective ego-patterning of humanity as a whole, is ceaselessly replicated — very much in the manner of cellular reproduction.

The fundamental by-Me-Revealed and by-Me-Given Law of true Spiritual life (and even of true human life) is this: Never subordinate the Source. If that fundamental Law is discarded, there is not anything that is right. As soon as that one Law is cancelled, the ego-pattern starts taking over everything, in the manner of cellular reproduction. The ego manifests itself virtually infinitely, in a checkerboard pattern that replicates its own state and position.

…If you would have your life not be about bondage, Reality Itself must Transform your life. The only-by-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam Is That “Radical” (or Always “At-the-Root”) Transformation of life, Based on Perfectly Prior Establishment In and As Reality Itself.   ~ Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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