His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

People are filled with illusions about what the world is about. Especially in the West, there is total ignorance of great matters. There is no esotericism at the root of Western culture. People do not understand where life comes from, where human beings come from, what they are all about. They think of it as some kind of pristine absolute here, a clean slate. It is not.

All of conditional existence is a cause and effect process. Lifetimes are caused at every level of their manifestation. In other words, the Earth domain is a karmic domain. It is not a place of absolute souls or absolute clean slate entities being born and then the world is what you make of it. It is already limited to begin with.

Most human beings are born in this world because they are already bound. They are born as a result of their bondage. Their lifetime has already been caused by previous action, and so their birth perpetuates a bondage game. Those who become aware of this process, at least in their own case, are involved in a different kind of life. This understanding is the root of renunciation.

It is rare in the extreme for a Non-karmic Birth to happen. That is Mine. An egoless Non-karmic Birth is Divine, and is able to see what is going on and to Teach Truth. That is what I Am here Doing.

It is an amazing Descent here, seeing the insistence on bondage. No matter how much Revelation, Gift, and opportunity is given, bondage is still chosen again and again and again. This is your experience.

Because of this insistence on bondage, human history has come into its end time. There is just so long that the choice of death, bondage, and ignorance can repeat itself and not generate disaster. Sooner or later, it generates disaster, and that is what is happening. It is a dark effect of the repetitive activities of ignorance and bondage.

Therefore, rightening of the “world” is the effect of the emerging of renunciates and heroes. The combination of the two can change historical momentum. But where is this emergence?

I am Calling for heroes to appear, or those who can, in the circumstance of leadership, make changes in the active context of the life of human beings. I am Calling for renunciates who can make changes relative to the fundamental ignorance of human beings, beginning with themselve as individuals. I am Calling for renunciates and heroes. All over the “world”, there should be an army of renunciates. Very early on in this Advita Vedanta text I am looking at, it says, “Leave your home as quickly as possible”. In other words, become a snyasin as quickly as you can, and wake up.

Do not plan your householder self-fulfillment in this world, nesting, as if you are not in a domain of karmic life made by bondage and enforcing bondage, . Instead of living in this idealistic illusion that life is about some kind of created design of fulfillment for egos, realize where you are. Do not settle down. Wander out. Become a renunciate.

This is a calling that has been current among human beings for literally thousnds upon thousands of years, from before recorded history–which is a short period of time, really.

People do not even know about the past history. It is completely forgotten. People do not even want to accept that it exists. The Vedic dharma of India, for example, is many tens of thousands of years old, This is not simply something from the last 5,000 years or so. The earlier history, the unrecorded part of it, is lost, so it seems like mythology. People think everything about civilization is about 4,000 years old. However, that is a naive view, it is not true.

Renunciates and Realizers have always called upon people to not make their nest in this “world”. Do not lay up your treasure here. Wake up, transcend this “world”. That is a root calling to human beings that has been going on since unrecorded time. It is the least interesting of all “religious” messages in the common “world” to common egos. Common egos want to hear about some kind of process, some kind of progressive “technique”, something to listen to while you still indulge yourself or make modest little changes, while you are told everything is going to be all right and are given a hopeful, futuristic dogma.

The common ego does not want to hear “leave your home as quickly as possible”–but that is the true message. This is a karmic domain. It is happening because of ignorance! Your bondage here can be transcended. Do not make a nest here. Do not believe in utopian dogmas. Understand and transcend.

That is not a political message. It does not deal with the current mess in the human “world”. The message that is about dealing with the mess in the world is for the heroes. The message to the heroes, the “kshatriya”, is surrender to Me and fight. Turn to Me and fight.

Therefore, there are two Great Callings: One is that Calling in response to which people become renunciates. The other is that Calling in response to which people become heroes.

Both of these groups are, relatively speaking, small numbers. The big numbers are everybody else. Everybody else is not profoundly responsive altogether. They tend to function more like a herd, but they can be led. They can either be led by people who are true to Truth, or they can be misled by liars. Renunciates and heroes must be true to the Truth and lead the people.

You cannot rightly lead the people by supporting their illusions. Renunciates! Relinquish all illusions and all speech that supports illusions. Heroes! Surrender to Truth, surrender to the aster, surrender to the Avatar, surrender to the Divine Reality Itself and embrace the righteous cause of Dharma, of lawful existence, and of the rightening of the human course.

What I bring here is a Divine Avataric Calling that is also at the root of the entire history of humankind. This is the Teaching that has always been given. This is the Divine Teaching.

Where is the response? I have Given the Teaching, the Truth. I am here. But where is the response? Where is the process? The ones who will do this work are those who will leave their homes, either as renunciates or heroes.

That is what anybody who is going to serve “world” rightening must do. You have to leave your home. You have to get out of your “self-satisfied, ignorant position, and either enter in the domain of renunciation or the domain of righteous action–neither one of which allows you to have a home in the conventional sense.

You cannot have an ego-base of life. You must stand in the domain of Truth, which is homeless in this “world”. You either serve it as renunciates serve it, or you serve it as heroes serve it. And everybody else must be rightly led.

All that was required first was My Appearing here. Now I am Calling for the renunciates and the heroes. That is what has to happen. The unrighteous are controlling the “world”. Ignorance has overwhelmed humankind. It is under those conditions that it is traditionally said that an Avatar appears, and so I have.

I must have in reponse an army of renunciates and an army of heroes, not just with the costumes of renunciation and heroism, but people who do the doings, who leave their homes and do the doings of renunciates and heroes.

The hero must be righteous, reformed in his or her own person to begin with and committed to Truth, committed to Dharma, committed to the Teacher of Truth, and leave the home and enter into the field of heroism, tht kind of action which does not make room and place and time for the conventions of ordinary “self”-fulfillment. It is a discipline of life that the hero must embrace. Who is morally enlightened? Does “point of view” make you morally enlightened? No–action, self-reform, response to me, respnse to Truth, right life practice altogether. The heroes must be reformed themselves to begin with and be utterly responsive and given over to the Source of Truth. Then they have their domain of action in the Global Cooperative Forum and the principles of world-rightening. That is their sphere of action.

The renunciates have another sphere. It is the set-apart or holy sphere in which there is the intensive discipline of the ego-transcending Way and the process of Divine Reality Realization, intensively lived. That is their discipline.

Both those who are the renunciates and those who live in the heroic domain otherwise instruct everyone else and guide and lead them. That is part of the function of such people in both cases. Both the renunciates and the homeless heroes have an instructive or leadership role, a guidance role to play in the “world”.

To everyone who would function in Truth, I am Calling them to leave their homes as quickly as possible, meaning leave your home today. I am Calling everybody to leave their home today. Become a renunciate today, or otherwise enter into the heroic sphere. The life of self-fulfillment is over for you. That is an illusion in this world. That is not what this world is about.

The domain of Realization, of Truth Itself, is Divine, not this world. You can live a right life and a life of Realization, a life of service in this world, but you cannot be fulfilled in this world. This world is not an end in itself. It is not utopia. It is not the product of some pure impulse. It t is the product or the effect of ignorance, of illusions, of bondage, pattern, a machine of self-perpetuating bondage. It is simply an apparent modification of That Which Is Divine. The Divine is always there. The Divine is the Room Itself. It is the context of existence, and it can be Realized.

The Divine can be served in life without deluding yourself through idealistic notions about this world being the place of ultimate fulfillment. It is not. Yet there is Dharma, the Way of Truth to be applied in the domain of action and in the domain of renunciation, coincidentally.

Senior, of course, is the domain of renunciation, but not in any exclusive sense. It is that domain that informs the heroic domain and the life domain, gives it Guidance and Blessing. That is what I am Doing here. I am not here to be entered into this domain of those who are active in the world, but rather to bring them to their action and their right life domain and Guide them relative to what they must be doing. I must necessarily live within the Hermitage domain in a sphere of renunciates.

Where are the renunciates? Others who would be active have to get out in the world and handle this business out here on the battlefield where the world is about to enter into darkness. (note: this was 2008) Therefore, there is a heroic Calling in this end time to prevent this collapse of the world in absolute darkness. It is a Calling being made by Me, and therefore, it is a Divine Avataric Call, and the Call that only a renunciate can make, that only egolessness can make.

That is My Role here. That is why I am Born here. This is what I am Doing here. I am the Means for it to be happening, but people must respond to Me and get on with it.

Spoken Communications Given by Avatar Adi Da Samraj on June 26, 2008

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