1983   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Discourses on the foundation required for a worldwide transformation of consciousness and human culture.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“Realized Beings (of whatever degree) are not in charge. They are not allowed to be in charge. They are rarely even allowed to be heard. And most of those who are heard, if anyone is heard, are not Realized. They are the so-called ‘wise’ in the framework of the first six stages of life, or within the framework of the two concepts fundamental to egoity—advocates of the idealistic and the realistic ‘points of view’, and the paths associated with, or made inevitable by, those ‘points of view’.

So this ‘Consideration’ that I bring to you is ‘Radical’. If it were taken seriously, and taken seriously at large, all of human culture would change dramatically. And you would, in a practical fashion, take care of your business, in terms of providing the best environment you can for one another—as a matter of service, without false views. But that is not what is going on at the present time—not at all.

There is reluctance in the ego-position, at the level of that stress itself, to directly examine the fault that is egoity, and to become responsible for it, to transcend it utterly, to transform existence completely, entirely, thoroughly, and ‘radically’. The ego does not want to do that. That stress in which you live does not want to do that. You will be moved to do that only if you Stand in the Position That Precedes this ‘imaginary disease’ that all of humankind is suffering. It is real enough, but it is unnecessary. It is merely being presumed. It need not be ‘cured’ by the usual efforts—it needs to cease to be presumed. It can be instantly let go, instantly relinquished. It does not require a process of ‘cure’.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“The ‘world’ is not an illusion, in the sense that it is some sort of a horror that you should just abandon. You are doing it, you are completely responsible for it. You do not have to appeal to anyone, any force outside yourselves to deal with this matter. This is the stroke that humanity makes before it Awakens. So it is humanity that must Awaken.

Nothing has to change about the universe. Humans do not even have to ‘evolve’, in terms of functional activity and ‘knowledge’, for this transformation to occur. And if it does occur, humankind will continue to go on and learn about nature and how it works and do a great work on this planet and elsewhere. But first you must out-grow your infantile and adolescent life of egoity. That is the payment. It is only by such means that you will make the transition into the higher domain of universal activity. There is no other means whatsoever. No accumulation of scientific knowledge and technology is going to do that. It has not fundamentally changed anything.

Everybody is still a bewildered, unhappy personality who is rather chaotic and threatening and, therefore, needs to be controlled artificially. No peace will ever come of that. No happiness, no order, other than the strained order of suppression, can possibly come out of all of that. And the more there is of a fascinating, technological society, the more there will be the need for control.

Therefore, what is necessary at this moment, as in any moment in the past, is for a new form of human education to appear and become the consistent form of human education that every human being enters into. Out of that, out of a race of beings who are Awakened to their True Condition, you will have the basis for order, for creative life. It does not bring an end to science or technology or any of that. It gives all of that its true base. It releases it from the false and chaotic views of idealism and realism, and places it into the domain of Real Freedom, True Creativity.”  ~Namale Plantation, Fiji

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