SACRED HISTORY for June 29th

1983 Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” how accepting and incarnating the principle of love is necessary to transcend the ego-“I”.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

“The essence of amorality is the systematic elimination of the dimension of love, the systematic elimination of its acceptance and its communication, the elimination of your own love in relationship, and the refusal to accept the love of another. Because of their ‘self’-doubt, people do not believe they are loved. They are possessed by fear, and (therefore) they will not love. Out of this failure to love comes the usual life.

Egos have trouble with love. If I were to summarize the ‘problem’ of egoity altogether, I would Say that it is the betrayal of love. The betrayal of love is egoity.

As you well know, I do not speak of the ego as an entity. It is an action, or contraction, that is universally effective in every dimension of life, but it is most directly, most fundamentally, effective at the level of feeling, or emotion, or love.

The ego is a ‘problem’ about love. The ego cannot love. It cannot accept love and it cannot ‘do’ love, cannot confess love, cannot be ‘known’ to be in the ‘world’ of love or allow itself to be ‘known’ to exist in the ‘world’ of sensation, action, desire, and pleasure. The ego-transcending ‘point of view’ actively acknowledges the principle of love.

The individual who is functioning in an ego-transcending fashion presumes himself or herself to live in a ‘world’ of love. In the ‘world’ of relations, that one is alive in the Domain of Love. Love is the principle of functioning. It is the principle of relationship.

Love is what is to be realized and expressed. You must overcome all limits upon it. Spiritual life is many things, but at the level of human relations, its essence is love.” ~Nukubati Island, Fiji

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