1988  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees in Landbridge Pavilion and Responds to a question about “self”-discipline.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“The ego-transcending practice of ‘self’-discipline arises in the context of the Way of Real-God-Realization. It is a gesture made in that context, in response to the Divine.

What is ‘self’-discipline anyway? It is the process of the transcending of egoity, of breaking through limit. That Which is to be Realized is That Which Completely, Utterly, Intrinsically Transcends ‘self’-contraction, or the presumption of limitation.

To Realize That Which Transcends the presumption of limitation requires the discipline of the presumption of limitation. In other words, Real-God-Realization Itself determines that there must be ‘self’-discipline. What must be disciplined is the very same thing that must be overcome. It is the ‘self’, the conditional ‘self’, the body-mind-complex, egoity. Either one is committed to that process or one is not.

All kinds of qualities can arise in the body-mind-complex. If you consult them, they are not going to tell you to Realize God, or to discipline yourself. The qualities that arise in the body-mind-complex are just the fulfillment of desire-motives of one kind or another. They do not have anything to do with Real-God-Realization.

It is only in moments of direct Revelation, real responsiveness, heart-openness, in which the Reality of That Which Is to be Realized Ultimately becomes obvious, that one can, because of the self-authenticating force of that Revelation, become committed to the process of ego-transcending practice. Then, in all other moments of limitation, all of which are inevitable, one has a prior commitment. One does ego-transcending practice in those moments.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“Satsang is the great principle—because all efforts can be totally bereft of God. It is the Context of practice. It is What makes ‘self’-discipline effective. It is What makes ‘self’-discipline reasonable, even. So you must live always in the context of that Revelation.

This is the secret of those who live in Satsang with the Realizer. They have been Given the Gift That makes ego-transcending practice possible, reasonable, and effective.

Whereas, if you are only resorting to yourself and whatever motives you can capture in yourself in any given moment, there will be no consistency, and (therefore) the so-called ‘practice’ will not be effective.

Effective practice is consistent. It is a cutter of limitation. It cuts through it, goes beyond it, drops it, is disappeared of it. It is a much greater gesture than perhaps most of you even imagine. It is not the mediocre gesture of the dualistic body-mind-complex. It is not the mediocre gesture of the realm of ‘two’s’—of the mind that is positive now, of the emotion that is positive now, of the vitality that is positive or balanced now. That is not enough for true esoteric practice, because the other half, the negative mind, the negative emotion, the negative body-state, the out-of-balanced state, and so forth, comes with that. So, if you depend on a positive mind, a positive emotion, and a balanced body, you will relinquish the practice and the Way Itself in every moment where a negative appears.

So your practice must be based on That Which Transcends these dualities, the direct Revelation, Satsang as constant Company. Then you can deal with these dualities, be responsible for equanimity, be responsible for ‘self’-discipline. You can do an effective practice. Apart from that, discipline serves no ultimate function relative to the Great Process. Discipline must simply be part of the response to Divine Revelation. It is the devotionally activated mechanism of the transcending of egoity.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

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