SACRED HISTORY for July 14th

1987   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Reveals why the event of death is not (typically) the ultimate transcending of individuated Consciousness.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“Brain is not mind. Brain is a vehicle of mind. Brain is a limit on mind, as well as a servant of it. Like many other organs of the body, the brain is a mechanism that limits energy. It is associated with fields that transcend the body but are yet associated with it. The body is one with these fields, and it is apparently a part of them, but the physical body can be relinquished while other ‘bodies’, if you will, may remain active. Then these bodies must also, in their turn, be transcended in the pattern of growth. But until they are transcended, there is still apparent individuation and still an apparent psycho-physical entity. This is why you are not all of a sudden projected on Infinity when you die. You are still egoically ‘self’-identified with bodies, or fields, that apparently individuate Consciousness Itself.

You are not projected to Infinity at death, at least not in the typical case, because there is still egoic ‘self’-identification with limits, limited fields, limited organs, limited bodies, if you like, or ‘sheaths’, as they are called in the Hindu tradition. These limits persist. They do not disappear just because you have died physically. And they continue to determine the form of your awareness. They determine perception. They determine your capability to ‘experience’ in the planes of the cosmic domain—and their force, when it is not transcended, limits your capability to transcend the cosmic domain.

Basically, all that happens at the point of death is a relinquishment of the physical body. That within Which the physical body appears is not lost, and everything subtler than the gross physical entity remains as a force of individuality.

Therefore, you do not go any further than you have out-grown your egoic and limited ‘self’. Ultimately, you do not ‘go’ anywhere anyway. The True Heart, the Position of Divine Being, just ‘experiences’ Itself through apparitions within the fields of cosmic Nature, which project themselves spatially in a great space and in time.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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