SACRED HISTORY for July 16th

1987    Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Clarifies misconceptions about Hearing Him and the process of growth through the stages of practice-demonstration in Adidam Ruchiradam.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“Hearing Me is a practice. To Hear Me is the beginning of a practice. In other words, to Hear Me is not automatically to transcend everything, or just to enjoy the capability for it. It is to enjoy the capability for practice. So then you do the practice in the total course of Adidam.

Hearing Me is the beginning of life in the Reality-Way of Adidam. It is a capability, not a final event. It is a responsibility, not an achievement. It is always a struggle with egoic ‘self’. Always! The struggle with egoic ‘self’ is not canceled by Hearing Me, Seeing Me, or anything—except Ultimate and Most Perfect, Absolute, Unlimited Real-God-Realization Itself!

It is always a struggle with egoic ‘self’—all of the first six stages of life are the psycho-biography of the ego. Practice is a struggle, or an ordeal relative to the ego and the context of egoity. Have I not made that plain? So stop looking for Ultimate Perfection in one another relative to these simple beginning transitions.

The perfection is not in you, the Perfection Is you. It is That Which you Realize, That Which you understand, That Which your understanding allows you to comprehend and to be One with. That is the Perfection, not you and your egoity, your body-mind-complex, and so on.

The body-mind-complex is just the stuff of practice, like an artist’s paints, or a composer’s piano. It is just ‘business’.

The True Heart is the Realization. And It has Its stages.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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