SACRED HISTORY for August 23rd

1978   Adi Da Samraj Writes the Essay “Frustration: The Universal Disease”, which is later published as “The ego-Culture of Desire and The ego-Transcending Culture of Love” in Not-Two Is Peace.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Writes:

“The Life-Force that is felt within the presumed-to-be-personal body-mind-complex is moved by willful or desiring acts to create circumstances of would-be ego-fulfillment. However, in Reality, That Life-Force Is Truly Universal (or Indivisible and all-and-All-Pervading)—not ‘inward’ and personal (or ego-bound, or ‘point-of-view’-bound).

Therefore, if That Life-Force is manipulated by ‘inward’ motives to satisfy personal desires of all kinds, not only will the resulting satisfaction be only occasional and at most partial, but the Life-Force will Itself be always frustrated, since It cannot, by becoming subordinate to any patterns of personal desires, Fulfill Its Universal (or Indivisible and all-and-All-Pervading) Function As Prior Unity and (Thus and Thereby) Realize Its Intrinsic Divine Freedom in the conditionally arising world.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“The human individual is immature—and always dissatisfied—until he or she out-grows mere personal desire (or even any search for ego-based ‘self’-indulgence), and, instead, lives on the basis of ego-transcending love (or the moment to moment transcending of ego-based desire-patterning), and thereby constantly demonstrates the Universal Moral Disposition of Prior Unity and the responsible intrinsic (or root) management of all functional and relational conditions of experience and action.

The truly mature human individual is, characteristically, free of all the intrinsically and inevitably frustrating limitations of conditional reality and the personal and collective relationship-politics of social egoity.

The truly mature human individual is radiant in the world, such that the Prior Unity of Reality Itself Is egolessly Alive As his or her human person.

Therefore, a world-collective of truly mature (and, thus, rightly humanly and esoterically acculturated) human individuals can create a truly human, benign, moral, and Reality-Enlightened culture, founded in the Intrinsic Self-Apprehension of the Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.

Only such a world-collective of truly mature human individuals is truly free of the inherent and chronic frustrations that otherwise constantly and only produce subhuman societies, subhuman cravings, and subhuman destinies (both before and after death).”  ~Da Love‑Ananda Mahal

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