SACRED HISTORY for October 10th

1983   Adi Da Samraj Gives the Talk “Love of the Real-God-Man”, in which He makes clear that only ego-transcending responsive devotion to the Real-God-Man relieves the heart of the ego’s “self”-created “purgatory” of separation, separativeness, and unlove.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj, Says:

“What is supremely attractive in the conditionally manifested universe and in the human ‘world’ is the Real-God-Man. All beings, male or female, must become Attracted, Distracted by That One. This is the Ultimate Means, the Supreme Means, the Supreme Yoga. It is for this reason that the Divine Appears in manifested form in the likeness of those beings who are to be Drawn out of bondage—but only in their likeness.

It is the Divine That Appears in that likeness, and it is the Divine That is made visible through that likeness. Those who become capable of recognizing That One become capable of responding to That Attraction. And those who become capable of being Distracted by That One become participants in this Supreme Way, Which is truly the Way of Divine Grace, because it requires no effort. It requires nothing but Divine Grace and the response to it.”  ~Nukubati, Fiji

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