SACRED HISTORY for October 25th

1987   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” the “Perfect Practice”

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says: 

“If you had to fulfill all the stages of life rather than transcend them directly as you do in the Reality-Way of Adidam, how many lifetimes would you need even to fulfill the fourth stage of life? How many lifetimes would you need before you Realized conditionally ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi?

The process in the Reality-Way of Adidam is to get to the ‘Perfect Practice’ most directly, to transcend the conditional ‘self’-condition.

There must be real practice in the Reality-Way of Adidam, but in an ego-transcending process that directly penetrates and passes beyond any presumed limits rather than identifying with them.

If you identify with the limits, then that becomes psycho-biography. If you transcend them, instead, then that becomes a quickening of the process that leads to the ‘Perfect Practice’.” 

Adi Da then Says: 

“In the ‘Perfect Practice’, you are practicing in the Context of That Which Is Inherently Perfect, and you will Realize It Ultimately as the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself when the practice fulfills itself Most Perfectly.

So the ‘Perfect Practice’ in the Reality-Way of Adidam is an ordeal, a continuation of the ordeal that you began in the earlier stages of practice-demonstration.

You must become Perfect Dissolution of identification with the separate condition, the separative ego-‘I’.

You must become Perfect Identification with Consciousness Itself, Self-Existing and Self-Radiant.

You must become Realization Itself, Absolute. And the Sign of Realization is Itself True and Free Renunciation, of all limits.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram.

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