SACRED HISTORY for November 7th

 1993  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Proclaims the Purpose of His Appearance in bodily (human) Divine Form, and the creative process of responsive devotion to Him that all beings are Called to engage.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“A Great Event is involved in My Life. It has been said of past incarnations of the Divine that only the most intimate devotees of an Adept can ‘know’ Who that One Is and understand the significance of that Presence. That is nonsense! Perhaps it tended to work out that way, but the Divine does not enter into human form to be ‘known’ by a few intimates. I Am here to be ‘known’ by everyone!

There is no law in the universe that says I can be ‘known’ As I Am by only a few. I can be ‘known’ As I Am by everyone, and I will not be satisfied by anything less. I may be forced to put up with something less, but I will not be satisfied with it. You must ‘Know’ Me. You must Hear Me and See Me.

Be Awakened into this Passion of Life that I have for you and that you must have for Me. Be changed by that Passion—be Liberated, made Happy, made creative, made human by it. All who have Sighted Me have this obligation. All My devotees, having Listened to Me, must ‘Locate’ Me As I Am Altogether, and all of you must be Agency for Who I Am.

The Purpose of My Birth is to Transform humankind, everyone, human history, by bringing you through this terrible transition in which you now find yourselves. My Divine Avataric Birth Is an Epic Moment of Transcendental Spiritual Intervention, and you are showing the same reluctance that has always appeared in those associated with Adepts in the past.

This Moment, however, is more important than any moment in the past.

When you have passed through this crisis of growth, you will begin to understand what has happened, what Force has been Brought into the flesh through My Divine Avataric Birth. I hope that moment will occur before I die, before this Body dies. That is what I mean when I Say, ‘Maybe the Big One will win this time!’ It very well could happen that way. It should. That Is My Purpose.

The Purpose of My Divine Avataric Birth is not for Me to be remembered and acknowledged and glorified after My Lifetime, but to be approached, acknowledged, Communed with while alive, so that when this Body dies, that Communion will not be broken. This Birth will then be a tool for the transformation of humanity altogether. This Is My Purpose. It is true for every single individual who approaches Me.

Every single one is Called by Me, every single one is Loved by Me, every single one I Embrace.

What you surrender to Glorifies you, Awakens you, Expands the sphere of your existence, and Brings you into a Glorious Possibility. All of you will participate in that Glorious Possibility in time. I Promise you will see this.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram 

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