SACRED HISTORY for November 15th

 1974   First edition of Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun published

1977   Adi Da Samraj Gives the Talk “God Is Not an Alternative Reality” (later published in Vision Mound magazine), in which He Criticizes the traditional and modern-day tendency to equate Real-God-Realization with the inversion of attention.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“From the ‘point of view’ of the whole body, God is not the inward, invisible, original ‘alternative reality’ to be found only through inversion. God is not an ‘alternative experience’ to your present ‘experiences’. The ‘alternative reality’ only seems hopeful to you when you are in fear, when you are stuck in recoil, identified with only half of the body, caught in its passivity, its doubt, its vulnerability.

When you are simply Free, without motion in yourself, then you Realize Reality Itself, or Real God, Who is not other than any ‘experience’ at all, not ‘other’ than any condition whatsoever.

Reality Itself, or Love-Bliss, Is the Source-Condition of all arising conditions, the Reality of present conditions. It is not ‘elsewhere’, not ‘inside’ in the form of a light, a sound, a voice, a vision, an idea, a ‘place’.

The Realization of the Divine does not involve the slightest ‘subjective’ orientation, not even the slightest. On the contrary, the Realization of Real God is a matter of total, absolute Freedom from recoil, ‘self’-contraction, and ‘inwardness’. Real-God-Realization is not the inversion of feeling-attention—which is just a way of saying the recoil or contraction of feeling-attention—but the complete release of feeling-attention to Infinity via all of these functions, relations, conditions.

Standing in a position of no recoil in the midst of all arising conditions, you Realize Reality Itself and Are Happy. There is tacit certainty of Happiness in That Realization. It does not (necessarily) carry with it any ‘experience’ or any ‘knowledge’ of what happens after death or what other ‘worlds’ there are, gross or subtle. Such ‘experience’ or ‘knowledge’ may arise, but in themselves they can create no certainty or happiness or love. Quite independent of such ‘knowledge’ or such ‘experience’, you may be completely Happy and Free, in any moment.

When you are free of the inversion of attention, free of the recoil of feeling-attention, free of the ‘self’-directed tendency in relations and in the pattern of ‘experience’—when you are so equalized, so fully conscious, so free of reaction and recoil, then you are completely free of the ‘argument of inwardness’, of mind, of the belief that Reality is an ultimate ‘cause’ to be found only through turning ‘within’. That whole automated ‘program’ is lifted from you and becomes totally unnecessary.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

2001   The Bright Field: The Photographic Art of Samraj Adi Da published

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