SACRED HISTORY for December 18th

1998   In a Gathering with devotees, one devotee asks Adi Da Samraj about the meaning of the phrase “Consciousness Where I appear and disappear” from “The First Great Invocation”. In the passage  “What Consciousness Is, published in The Aletheon,

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“What Consciousness do you have to resort to, within which you are aware of yourself arising and disappearing? I am not talking about you in your conditional destiny. I am Talking about Me. This Invocation is not about egoic ‘self’-meditation. I (Myself, As I Am) am not a metaphor for you.

To make the devotional utterance of right and true Invocation of Me, you must be devotionally recognizing Me, devotionally responding to Me, Really Invoking Me by whole bodily devotion to Me—and, thus and thereby, Realizing ecstatic (or ego-transcending) devotional Communion with Me (As I appear, and As I Am). I (Myself, As I Am) Am the Consciousness Wherein and Whereof every ‘I’ arises and appears and disappears.

If there were this devotional recognition of Me, devotionally responding to Me in the inherently ecstatic mode of this Invocation, why would there be any lack of clarity about what the words mean?

This devotional Invocation is an address to Me. It is not a bit of philosophy for you to think about yourself and how your ‘I’ may be appearing or disappearing in something that you have in mind, now or in the future. It is an Invocation of Me.

To Invoke Me, to devotionally recognize Me to begin with, such that you could make this Invocation, you must have found Me to Be the Consciousness in Which ‘you’ appear and disappear.

For this Invocation ever to be completely (or, truly and really, most profoundly) done, you must truly (and most profoundly devotionally) recognize Me. If you devotionally recognize Me, devotionally responding to Me and (in due course) searchlessly Beholding Me, ‘I’ is left behind. In that case, there is no ‘I’.

In one moment arising, the ‘I’ presumes to Invoke Me—while, in the next moment of truly searchless Beholding of Me, there is no ‘I’. The ‘I’ disappears in the searchless ecstatic Beholding of Me. The ‘I’ made the utterance to Invoke Me, but it disappeared in the Beholding of Me.”

Adi Da then Says:

“To Behold Me truly, you cannot Behold Me merely as ‘Object’, apart from yourself.

You must be moved to Me Beyond yourself. The ego-’self’, or the ‘self’-contraction of the body-mind-complex, must be forgotten, gone beyond, in devotional Communion with Me.

To be Communing with Me, you must have ‘Located’ Me in more than the conventional, ‘objective’ sense. The whole body-mind-complex must be yielded in this devotional recognition of Me. The whole body-mind-complex must be devotionally responding to Me in this devotional recognition, such that ‘self’-contraction is gone beyond in the searchless Beholding of Me As I Am. Such is the ecstasy of true and Reality-active devotion to Me.

When ‘I’ disappears in the ecstasy of devotion to Me, in whole bodily devotional recognition-response to Me, forgetting ‘self’ in Me—Where only I Am now (not merely ‘Objective’, but all-and-All-Inclusive)—then there is Love-Bliss. Love-Bliss Is the Inherent Mood of whole bodily ego-forgetting devotional recognition-response to Me.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

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