SACRED HISTORY for February 13th

 1979   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” the human necessity for “sanctuary” as a prerequisite for greater human growth to occur.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“After human beings have made peace, community with one another, have human sanctuaries, then they will begin to make the next phase in human development (not just technology).”

Adi Da Samraj then Says:

“You must make your body into a sanctuary, adapt it to the higher life. How long does it take? If you are on fire, everything burns up spontaneously, everything is obvious in a moment’s inspection. You see it and you go on.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention

1993  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Discourses on the fear of death and the necessity to understand and relinquish the motives and activities based on that fear, thereby establishing the foundation for the Transcendental Spiritual practice of the Reality-Way of Adidam.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

“You spend your entire lives bargaining about death—every moment of your life is stressful. This is why it shows all kinds of signs of reactivity, desire, and seeking, all the pursuit of ‘objects’ and others. The ‘self’-contraction is the ‘root’ of that, but the ‘experiential’ context of it is the ‘knowledge’ of death, the fear of death, the anticipation of death.

You are animating yourself constantly because of the fear of death. You are trying to escape it, argue your way out of it, distract yourself from the feeling. You spend your entire life anticipating death, fearing it, avoiding it, and going toward it. In Truth, you must be up to the very thing that you are afraid of.”

Adi Da Samraj then Says:

“Instead of wasting your life bargaining about death, anticipating it, you must be involved in it. Life must become death—not in some negative sense of merely seeking to destroy yourself bodily—I mean in the most profound sense.

What you are fearing about death is not merely a physical event, but the dissolution of your own existence, your own separate existence. The real process in life is one of submitting to this death, engaging life as that very process, entering into it most profoundly, moment to moment, making death, ego-death, the Yoga of Life. You will not do this until you have understood yourself most fundamentally and overcome this bargaining game, the seeking game, and enjoy the capability for transcending the ‘self’-contraction moment to moment, under all circumstances.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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