SACRED HISTORY for  March 8th

1978  Adi Da Writes the Essay God Is The One In Whom We Are Sacrificed, later published in The Enlightenment of the Whole Body.

The Divine Reality, or Real God, is not ultimately the “savior” of human beings.  The Divine Is That to Which you must be a “self”-sacrifice.  Indeed, it is the intuition of the Divine that permits you to live as a “self”-sacrifice rather than a “Narcissistic”, reactive, and ego-possessed struggle for ultimate survival.  

The Truth is not that you survive forever as you now are or conceive yourselves to be. Nor is Real God, or the Divine Reality, the Instrument of such permanent survival, immortality, or “salvation”.  You are necessarily changing and mortal in your present structural form.  But you tend to react to this sense of your destiny by seeking to protect, glorify, permanently fulfill, and immortalize yourselves as you are.

The discovery of the Divine through true hearing, intuition, “self”-observation, functionally appropriate discipline, and responsible higher growth permits you to be at peace with the mortal (or finite) destiny of your present independent form and circumstance.  You become capable of “self”-release, or “self”-sacrifice, in the case of the Intuition of the Real.

 Therefore, you must Awaken to the Reality that obliges you to be born and to change and to pass out of sight—or else life is a tormented absurdity, and a mean, unrescued center of illusions.  Those who awaken to the Divine Reality and become a continuous sacrifice into It find each moment to be either a passing lesson (or a test) or a temporary blessing in the Mystery of Amazement in which you appear and to the State of Which you are always dissolving.

The arising of lives and of all changes is inevitable.  Your responsibility is to be the fulfillment of the Law, which is sacrifice, or love.  Thus, you will persist as “selves” and changes as long as these persist, but you will in every moment be the release of these into the Reality That Is their Source-Condition and Love-Bliss. ~The Mountain Of Attention

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