SACRED HISTORY for April 14th

1995   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Reveals how all devotees, at all stages of practice-demonstration, receive the principal Form of His Divine Transmission.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“The Transmission of My State directly is the principal, original, and Ultimate Form of My Transmission. And it does not have anything to do with the transmission of ‘experiential’ energies, and so on. You tend to think of Transmission in Yogic terms, in rather fifth stage terms—fullness of fourth stage of life terms, perhaps.

Therefore, you think in terms of energy, movement of energies generally, energy effects in the body-mind-complex, and in the Circle, in the stations of the bodily apparent heart, in the various parts of the body altogether. But you must understand that although all of that is great Means, it is not the principal Form of My Transmission. It is an aspect of My Transmission that moves you along to Me Ultimately.

The original, primary Form of My Transmission is not ‘moving’. It is not noticed in the extended body-mind-complex. It is noticed In Place, in the Place of Consciousness Itself, in the Intrinsic Self-Apprehension of Being Itself—in the ‘Perfect Practice’. So the Ultimate and most fundamental Form of My Transmission is the Transmission of My Very State. And, therefore, it is not received ‘experientially’ in the extended faculties of the body-mind-complex.

You may enter into the Beholding of My State even in the early stages of practice. However, it does not mean you are permanently established in My Very State.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“In your practice of ‘radical’ devotion to Me, you are Beholding Me—ego-surrendering, ego-forgetting practice. If you then enter into Samadhi, you are entering in My Samadhi, My Condition, and you may ‘experience’ Me in various ways, including Communing with My State. That practice of Beholding, of Identifying with My State, Realizing Me Ultimately, is the ‘Perfect Practice’, and requires the Ultimate forms of responsibility in the Reality-Way of Adidam. But even from the beginning, by right Beholding of Me, you can Commune with My State. It is not a matter of Perfect, or Final, or Ultimate Identification with Me. But it is, certainly, Communion with Me As I Am—beyond the noticing, then, of energies moving, and so forth. It is about non-separation. That Is My State. I Describe it in My Source-Literature over and over again as My Very (and Inherently Perfect) State. So it is not a psycho-physical state. It is not merely a state of equanimity in the body-mind-complex.

The Beholding of My bodily (human) Form leads you to the Beholding of My State, or My Samadhi altogether. So that is what even beginners are doing. They are not just looking at My Body. Often people praise My bodily (human) Form in various ways. That is fine as ecstatic utterance. But the Beholding of My bodily (human) Form is not about beholding just a bodily (human) form for its own sake. It is Beholding My bodily (human) Form as My Sign and Means to Realize Me. So by right Beholding of My bodily (human) Form, you are led to Beholding of Me Ultimately.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

1998   In a Gathering with devotees, Adi Da Samraj Declares: “A Horse Appears In The Wild Is Always Already The Case”~Da Love‑Ananda Mahal

2006    Adi Da Samraj takes His first Image using a digital camera.  ~Fiji

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