SACRED HISTORY for April 21st

1978   Adi Da Samraj Writes the Essay “Death and Eternal Life”, later published in The Enlightenment of the Whole Body.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Writes:

“Personal ‘existence’ is not a ‘thing’ or an ‘entity’. Personal ‘existence’ is a process. ‘I’ is an activity, not an ‘object’, and not a fixed and eternally defined ‘subject’.

The process that is ‘I’ is a temporary and dependent aspect of the Great Universal Process.

The individual arises, changes, and passes. It is ‘caused’ and influenced by an immense and indefinable but (ultimately) ordinary and unnecessary pattern of appearances and disappearances. And the same process is duplicated as millions and billions and infinite possible variations of other human or human-like ‘persons’.

The process, in every case, is the human being, and each individual is an example and a moment of the same process, as fragile and dispensable as a single minnow in a maze of duplicate fishes, produced in excess for the sake of the species itself. And even the species is only another edible moment in the procession of forms.

The process that is ‘I’ is integrated as a ‘person’ while it persists, and then it is disintegrated in the Great Universal Process.

The subtler mechanics of the ‘person’ continue beyond ordinary death, associated with various forms of ‘experience’, and producing various ‘lives’, until there is Awakening to the Way of Life in Truth.

Only then is the Divine Destiny Realized.

Only then does the grotesque and marvelous pattern of limitations fall away completely, in a death that is Perfect in God—a death that reaches Eternal Life and Bliss.”  ~Muliwai, Oahu, Hawaii

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