AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ:  Thousands of years of Sacrifice, and Endeavor, and Purpose, and Spiritual Practice, and Realization, and Love, and Compassion were required for My bodily (human) Birth. Some day, you may understand My Birth. It was no casual gesture. And it could never have happened before now. Some day, you may understand that My human Lifetime is a unique moment in the history of humankind. Even in all these “eons of shaking”, the Impulse of the Divine Person to Incarnate persisted, undaunted, and could not be destroyed or ruined. Real God is willing to Love you and all beings, and that Divine Purpose must be Fulfilled. That is My Unique Impulse. Here I Am, Incarnate, to Do That Work. A thousand years may pass before anyone understands anything about My Appearance here. So much suffering accompanies It, so much was required of Me to Submit to your company.

DEVOTEE:  How was that Decision made?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ:  By Love. To Encompass the totality of conditional existence, in Love—That is the Sign of My Appearance here. By Appearing here bodily before You, I have Submitted to Love all and All, to be Compassionate toward all and All, to Serve all and All. And, in My Embrace of all and All, I have utterly Submitted to this mortal circumstance of sorrow and death. Such Submission never destroyed Me. It cannot destroy Me, for the One Who I Am can never be destroyed. But Love, the Impulse to Kiss you—just to Kiss you, to not deny you—made Me a Body to Live with you. Can’t you see it in My Face.[September 9, 1987]   

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