1977  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” the Truth of our apparent manifested condition, in the Talk “The World Is An Hallucination In Consciousness”, later published in My “Bright” Sight.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“In Truth, this conditionally manifested appearance, in which you are animated to one another in the waking state, is a hallucination that occurs in Consciousness Itself. All these trees, buildings, bodies, hairs, and thoughts arise as modifications of a Single and Absolute Field That Is Perfect Radiance.

The ‘world’ is a conception, as completely non-necessary as a thought or a dream. And it is just as humorous, just as arbitrary and unserious, as any dream. The Truth of this moment is that everything arising is literally an hallucination.

The entire arising incident of the present moment is completely non-necessary. The pattern you all identify as your lives is a complex logic of repetitions. Repetition is ‘self’ and mind and body—including all relations and environments. Repetition is consolation, or distraction from fear. The pattern you ‘know’ as life persists by reinforcement, by desire for repetitions, by being used. The incident of any ‘experience’ appears, and you presume that ‘experience’ to be both independent and necessary—and, thus, you enforce its repetition.

If the presumption of necessity and independence ceases, then what reinforces the appearance and makes its repetition necessary is absent. In that case, the present configuration, the appearance of the so-called ‘world’—which is totally arbitrary and non-necessary in the midst of Infinity—is weakened. The present configuration becomes obsolete. It rises and falls, and something else replaces it. There is no need for this present configuration to appear. There is no reason for it to persist. There is no need to overcome it—or to enjoy a victory as it. The present configuration is completely arbitrary—just as arbitrary as any dream you might have had recently. The dream came to an end, the dream became obsolete—because you realized it was not necessary. You woke up. You must be Awake.

Your Awakening is What the Communication of My Reality-Teaching is all about. My Reality-Teaching is a Penetrating Criticism—a Goad to Awakening to the non-necessity of things. My Communication of Truth, My Argument and Influence, Works to Undermine the droning trance in which you exist in the waking state (and in all other states of ‘experience’).”

Adi Da then Concludes:

“Turn to Me, ‘consider’ My Argument, and live the disciplines I Give to you. There will be a fire in that discipline equal to the degree of frustration of your habitual presumptions and distractions. Allow that fire to enter into this ‘consideration’—and it will be the undoing of the ordinary presumption of independence and necessity that seems so perfectly natural and logical to you in this hallucination, this dream, this birth. You will begin to penetrate that presumption. Its undoing, rather than ‘me’-apart, will become your position. You will penetrate it—and its logic will no longer bind you.

You must take up the Reality-Way of Adidam as a total Way of life. Just sitting in My Divine Avataric Company with whatever attention you have freely available at the moment is not sufficient for you to Realize your True Condition—now or in the future. Doing so will only allow you a momentary glimpse of That Condition. Right-life obedience to Me is obliged upon you in every moment.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

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