SACRED HISTORY for August 14th

 1979  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Reveals that there is no separate entity, no separate “self”.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“The primary error of conventional ‘religious’ and Spiritual philosophies is the assumption that human beings exist as separate entities. You must awaken to the Realization that you are fundamentally not an entity. A superficial pattern is arising that seems to be an entity, but your consciousness is identical to the Being Who Is Awake in and as the dream of conditionally manifested existence. You are not Consciously a separate entity, even though you may presume yourself to be such an entity through your usual association with ‘experience’.

Conventionally, you believe that the realm wherein you are ‘one with God’ is somewhere other than your present circumstance. You believe that the Divine is some ‘One’ else, or ‘Other’. You think that the Divine is so profound you could not Realize ‘God’ except in a totally different state, circumstance, and dimension than this present one. But Real God is simply the Shining, Conscious Being That Is your Nature at all times and under all circumstances.

The conscious Awakening to existence as the One Being is the literally felt Realization that the body is arising in the psyche, rather than vice versa. In other words, the body is a psychic manifestation, not merely an elemental one. When this Awakening is true of you, you realize that the True ‘Self’ is not hidden deep within you, attainable only through a dramatic mystical ‘experience’ or perception. No extreme Yogic introversion is required to Realize the True ‘Self’, or Conscious Being.

Realization of the One Being is simply the enjoyment of the ‘Vision of God’ in every moment, and freedom from mere ‘knowledge’, ‘experience’, and ‘self’-contracted existence. You observe (then) that all beings are already and only the One Being. In fact, all conditions that arise as ‘experience’ are modifications of the One Transcendental Spiritual Being. Everything is arising as a psychic condition and depends utterly on the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Being as its Source-Condition.

Therefore, instead of merely believing in ‘religious’ philosophies, you become disposed toward the ego-transcending Way of Inherent Identity and whole bodily Communion with Real God. You become moved to surrender at all times to the Being, the Transcendental Spiritual Divine Reality, in Which the entire ‘world’ is arising.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

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