SACRED HISTORY for August 16th

1988  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Reveals the true purpose of conditionally manifested existence and the Opportunity that He Offers to all born beings.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“Ego-transcending practice is not some fantasy, or some option that maybe is true or maybe not, or maybe you should do it, and maybe some people like doing it and others do not. It is a much more profound matter than that. It is the profound matter. It is what existence is about.

The ‘world’ propagandizes itself, diverts everyone through the mechanism of attention, guides everyone in the direction of ‘self’-fulfillment, as if the purpose of existence were to become attached to the conditions that are appearing. The purpose of existence is not in its action. The purpose of existence is Inherent. Its purpose is to be surrendered to What Is Inherent. The purpose of existence, then, is to transcend conditions, or modifications of What Is Inherent.

If you do not live this surrender, this process of transcending egoity, you are binding yourself in this lifetime and beyond it. And, being limited basically to the consciousness of a gross personality, you do not understand what you are doing. You do not understand the consequences of your own actions. You have lost the thread of tradition and the ancient ‘experience’. You do not know what you are creating for yourself as a result of your actions in this lifetime.

You are frittering your lives away with Western karmas, and you do not understand the results of doing that, in this life and after it. You spend your life puzzling away whether there is ‘God’ or whether there is any survival of death, and so forth. And, all the while, there is Real God and there is survival of death. But there is more than Real God and survival of death. There are laws in all of that. There are all different kinds of ways to get up in the morning, too, all different kinds of ‘experiences’ that follow getting up in the morning—so with death. What determines your ‘experience’ after death is what you have inherited in the deeper unconscious being as a result of your action, when you had the capability of action.

I Remember Saying to you many years ago that while you are alive, you make the mind, and when you die, the mind makes you. By your action, all the while now, you are putting things, so to speak, in this unconscious, this deeper personality, which is outside the brain. You are enforcing and reinforcing patterns. You are patterning it. You are (in some sense) indulging in what is there in the unconscious, but you are also adding to it.

And all your life, in most cases, the unconscious is just that—unconscious. That is why you wonder whether you survive death, because you are not aware of the greater part. Then, when you die, the conscious part falls off, the physical falls off, and that which was unconscious before, which is outside the brain, is now ‘who’ you are—and ‘where’ you are. It is a place. It is the mind-realm. This is what follows life. Death is by no means simply a doorway to ‘heaven’.

What is on your mind now when you lose physical attention? What kinds of thoughts do you have, what kinds of dreams do you have, what kinds of fears do you have? That makes your ‘experience’ after death. While you are alive, you have physical concentration and a brain that locks you away from the so-called ‘unconscious’.

You have an opportunity while alive to purify yourself. But, instead, all that ‘stuff’ is not ‘there’ now. It is outside the brain. And, so, you think it does not even exist, and (therefore) just indulge yourself in physical life as if the physical exists for its own sake. It is not there for its own sake. It is there to help you purify the deeper being, the deeper personality, to the point where you can Realize What Transcends even the deeper personality.

Conditionally manifested existence is an opportunity for Realization. But most people do not understand that this is so. The body-based mind, the gross personality, is ruling the ‘world’, creating ‘world’-culture, creating everyone’s destiny. What I have Fully Realized and am Offering as an Opportunity to you, or to everyone in general, may not make sense to most people. They have lost the tradition, lost the ‘experience’.

Nonetheless, many people might be somehow attracted to this Offering, because things do not go all that well. Devotion to one’s gross existence does not produce Happiness, so people become dissatisfied with the entire range of things and become heart-sensitized to some degree. Many may (therefore) be capable of responding to this Offering, and through ‘consideration’ may develop the appreciation of the Opportunity.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

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