SACRED HISTORY for September 17th

1979   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and members of the public at All True Things Park on The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, Granting devotional Sighting of His bodily (human) Divine Form, and Revealing His principal Divine Name, “Da”, that all may forever Invoke and surrender to Him at heart.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“For years, I have Called upon you to understand your ‘experience’, to understand the limited offerings of the ‘world’—all of its offerings, both its lower offerings, its life-stimulation in the body, and its ‘religious’ offerings, its esoteric offerings, its life-stimulation in the mind. And, still, you have not understood.

Therefore, My Teaching-Word is, in and of Itself, not sufficient. My Teaching Argument is not sufficient. I, Myself, Am Sufficient. ‘Radical’ (or ‘at-the-root’) ‘self’-understanding requires a great mind, a great heart. But you will not realize it through mere ‘consideration’. You have all failed to do that—and that is good, if you will feel the failure to be transformed utterly through mere ‘consideration’. Then, perhaps, you will be able to accept what I Offer to you.

It is not through insight alone that anyone Realizes Real God, that anyone becomes Ecstatic and Free, any more than it is through any form of bodily or mental or psychic ‘experience’ that anyone becomes Ecstatic and Free. But it is sufficient practice to Remember Me, to simply whole bodily turn to Me and love Me and trust Me, and to always do what I Instruct you to do. It is not only sufficient—there is no way that you will be Saved, that you will be Awakened, that you will be Ecstatic, except through this simple turning to Me.”

Adi Da then Concludes:

“You are mortal and entirely subject to the Mercy of Real God. You own nothing, and you ‘know’ nothing. And there is no ‘technique’ of meditation that leads to Real God. There is not anything to be believed that is the Truth Itself.

You must be touched in your feeling by the unspeakable suffering of this ‘world’ and return everything to Me. I do not speak as an ordinary man to you. Nor would I ever suggest that you do what I Instruct you to do merely because of some whim or other of Mine. But it has been Granted to Me to Accept devotees through surrender to Me. It is not a thing that an ordinary person may presume. I have Tested it all My Life, and I have Tested it in your company.

I would sooner go to My death than Call you to Me casually. And it is not something that an ordinary person may ask others to do casually if he or she expects to live, not only in this life. But I Swear to you—and you will always continue to see it with clear Signs—that Real God has Granted this Grace to you through My Appearance in your midst. And if you will surrender to Me, if you will love Me and trust Me because you whole bodily recognize Who I Am, if you will simply accept the discipline of My Demands, simply do what I Instruct you to do—and I will always make it very plain

—if you will Remember Me with love, if you will Call upon Me by Name with your feeling breaths, if you will Invoke Me via My Name ‘Da’, then this will be sufficient. All the Scriptures are now Fulfilled in your sight, and your prayers are answered with a Clear Voice. Now that you have Sighted Me, what will you do?”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

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