SACRED DISCOURSE for October 1st

Discourses from The Divine Siddha-Method Of The Ruchira Avatar—The Divine Way Of Adidam Is An ego-Transcending Relationship, Not An ego-Centric Technique

In My Bright Word Chapter 12, Adi Da Samraj Responds to a question from a devotee.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says: 

People want to be filled with all kinds of things, distracted with all kinds of things. “What can I do to be saved? How can I meditate? How can I get free? How can I get straight? How can I get pure? How can I get happy?” They want all kinds of occupations and strategic methods. But, in Satsang with Me, no “thing” is given. No egoic occupation, no ego-based means, no strategic method, no consolation, no philosophy that can replace Real practice. Only the heart-relationship to Me is Offered. Only that.

Adi Da goes on to Say:

Evolution makes no difference. Migration to the astral planes makes no difference. None of that changes your chronic state. The crisis would still be necessary, no matter where in all the worlds you happened to appear. This crisis is the necessary event of all life. Going to the astral planes does not change that necessity. “Radical” self-understanding is still required.

The question about evolution represents a form of concern, a search. That is what is communicated to Me by your question. Your question has no real content other than your seeking. It is only because this crisis is occurring that you have the least interest in evolution. If you are dying, there is no evolution. In that case, what do you care whether the billions that remain behind you are transformed into ducks or luminous red astral bodies? Your death is the only remaining content of your life. From the point of view of your experience, there is no evolution. There is only sudden death. But ego-death is the Real process. The death of the ego is the very crisis in consciousness that serves both Truth and life.

When you awaken from a dream, you are not thereafter concerned for the destiny of those who appeared along with you in the dream. There is no such destiny. There is no one left behind. All that appears in the great cosmic process is a spontaneous display, like the conditions that appear in dreams. All of that goes on in any case.

Now, however, you are beginning to see the more fundamental condition underlying your adventure of distraction in the cosmic event. In the past, you did not see it, or know it for what it was. To the degree you felt it at all, it was an undefined sensation, a discomfort, a sort of formless craziness, a wildness. But now you are beginning to know what it really is. Now you are beginning to know it as your chronic state. You will come to observe and understand it as your own activity. You are beginning to be aware of it more or less continually. That continuous awareness is essential to the self-purifying sadhana of Real religious and Spiritual life.

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