SACRED HISTORY for January 3rd

1974  Adi Da Samraj gives the talk, “Guru Enters Devotee” at the La Brea Ashram, which would later be published in the book, Garbage and the Goddess.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

“There is only one Divine Process in the world, and It is Initiated When I [spiritually] crash down and enter My devotee.

The Divine Person is present — now, in this moment. It is only when everyone forgets the Real and Ever-Living God that mantras and Yogic techniques become important. I am not a human being. I am the Divine Person in human form, and I bring the Divine Yoga [Spiritual Process].

When My devotee truly surrenders to Me, then I enter My devotee in the form of Divine Light. All kinds of extraordinary experiences manifest as a result. When a woman receives her lover, there is no doubt about it. She does not have to consult her textbooks! The same holds with the Truth, the Divine Yoga. When the Guru enters the devotee, there is no doubt about it. . . . The Divine Person is the Lord of this world, not the Lord of the ‘other’ world only. The Divine is absolutely the Lord of this world.

Thus, there is no Yoga if the very cells of the body do not begin to be Infused by the Divine. When I crash down and enter My devotee, I come down into him or her in the midst of life, because it is in life — not merely in any mystical or subtle process, not in any mental process — that I ‘acquire’ you Spiritually.” ~ Los Angeles, CA

1996  Adi Da gives the talk, “The Primal Condition of Radiance”. He describes this as the Beginning of the Santosha Epoch.

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