SACRED HISTORY for January 25th

1977 Adi Da Samraj Writes an Essay on the Grace of Communion, later published in Breath and Name.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Samraj, Writes:

“This Way is not realized by reaction to one’s ‘self’-image, or ‘case’, but by response to the Offering of the Grace of Communion made by the Divine, through the Agency of the Divine Avataric Master. One responds to this Offering not by rejection of ‘self’ as ‘case’, or life-functions in general, but by understanding and becoming responsible for all resort to the principle of ego-‘self’, the motivating ‘case’, the principles of ‘self’-image and remedy, the entire action of the avoidance of relationship.

When this understanding appears in the midst of confrontation with the Reality-Teaching and the conditions of life in the service of the Divine Avataric Master, then the whole being of the individual begins more and more to turn intuitively and consciously into devotional Communion with the Divine Avataric Master.

Only such intelligent and intuitive Divine Communion is true Transcendental Spiritual practice. Only such Divine Communion is the principle of transformation in which separated existence is Realized in Real God, or the Condition of Truth. All other ‘ways’ are forms of conventional remedial strategy founded in the view of ‘self’ as ‘case’, and as such are only extensions of the binding egoic path of karma and cosmic life.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

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