SACRED HISTORY for September 28th

1978  Adi Da Samraj Gives devotees “The Great Confession”.  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

1991  Adi Da Samraj Gives Oral Communications to His devotees, later published in The Aletheon as “Do Not Seek Seventh Stage Realization”.

Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

“For My devotee, Salvation is not the ‘achieving’ of seventh stage Realization. For My devotee, Salvation is ‘radical’ (or always ‘at-the-root’) devotion to Me, The Divine Avataric Master. Most Ultimately, ‘radical’ devotion to Me Demonstrates seventh stage Realization of Me (As I Am)—but, if the seventh stage of life is not yet My devotee’s actual, and Perfectly Demonstrated (and, necessarily, formally acknowledged), Realization, for My devotee to intensively desire (and, thereby, to seek) seventh stage Realization is inherently painful and ego-binding.

Do not seek seventh stage Realization. Rather, always and simply recognize Me As I Am, and (on that basis) whole-bodily-responsively turn to Me—and be (thus and thereby) in intrinsically ego-transcending devotional Communion with Me.

Seventh stage Realization is Revealed and Given by Me and As Me—always by Means of My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Grace, in My Blessing-Response to My right and true devotee’s whole-bodily-recognition-responsive turning to Me.

To practice The only-by-Me Revealed and Given ‘Radical’ Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam) is to give your life whole bodily (or as a psycho-physical totality) to intrinsically ego-surrendering, ego-forgetting, ego-transcending, and (altogether) devotionally recognition-responsive turning to Me—not to indulge in phoney, imaginary ‘self’-imagery or in seeking for ego-glorification.

The Reality-Way of Adidam Is ‘radical’ (or always ‘at-the-root’, and always whole-bodily-recognition-responsive) devotion to Me—just that, and nothing else. If you simply (tacitly and intrinsically) forget your separate and separative ego- ‘I’ and all of its patterns of seeking—what remains for you to transcend or to Realize?

When you truly recognize Me As I Am, and (on that basis) responsively and whole-bodily-devotionally turn to Me, you have (moment to moment) always already transcended your separate and separative ego- ‘self’, and, therefore, you have (in any and every moment) already and tacitly Realized What Is to Be Realized. The ego, however, is a fool—and, like a fool, the ego throws away The Opportunity I Offer to every one and to all-and-All.

All of the aspects of practice of The ‘Radical’ Reality-Way of Adidam (or Adidam Ruchiradam)—including all the forms of right-life obedience to Me and (in due course) all the forms of The ‘Perfect Knowledge’ of Me—are simply the intrinsic and inevitable extensions of ‘radical’ (or always ‘at-the-root’, and always whole-bodily-recognition-responsive) devotion to Me, and they are (therefore, and always simply) the means whereby My devotee responsively and tacitly (rather than strategically and ‘self’-consciously) brings the various functions of life into conformity with right and true devotion to Me.

‘Radical’ devotion to Me is, itself, Salvation. ‘Radical’ devotion to Me is always the first and foundation practice to be established and maintained. If you constantly practice ‘radical’ devotion to Me, your seeking, your fantasizing, and your ‘self’-deception become obsolete—and, instead, you constantly practice right-life obedience to Me and (in due course) ‘Perfect Knowledge’ of Me. On the basis of the practice of ‘radical’ devotion to Me, right-life obedience to Me, and ‘Perfect Knowledge’ of Me, you become profoundly clear and steady in the life-demonstration of egoless service to Me.”

 Adi Da then Concludes:

“The most rudimentary rule of right and true devotional practice in My Divine Avataric Company is always to bring gifts to Me, and always to keep your word to Me. If My Blessing-Response to you is pleasant and positive, it is an affirmation that your gifts and your word and vow to Me are right and true and good.

If I Criticize you, then you should understand that you have been giftless and not true to your word and vow to Me, and (therefore) you have not related to Me appropriately. However, if you are truly devotionally turned to Me, you do not react negatively to My Criticism—and you do not indulge in feeling bad about your ‘self’.

If you are truly devotionally turned to Me, My Criticism converts you at heart, then and there. If you are truly devotionally turned to Me, you will never want to be Criticized by Me again, and, therefore, you will constantly relinquish everything that might again bring about My Criticism. If you are truly devotionally turned to Me, you will, even if Criticized by Me, always (thereafter) constantly bring Me pleasing gifts and constantly fulfill your word and vow to Me—and (thus and thereby) you will always and constantly enjoy The whole bodily Blessing of moment to moment devotional (and, in due course, Transcendental Spiritual) Communion with Me. Only such Blessed enjoyment Demonstrates itself, in due course, As seventh stage Realization of Me As I Am.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

2001   Santosha Adidam first published.

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