SACRED HISTORY for December 23rd

 1993  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees, Discoursing on the true meaning of Danavira Mela and the necessity to Celebrate Him in every moment of life.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

“I Am the Light That you must Find, the Opportunity That Is Continuous, and it is up to you to make much of It in your personal life and in your collective life with one another.

The times in which you will be doing this are dark, by universal agreement. You will have more and more to overcome in your disposition of devotion to Me. Do not expect the ‘world’ to congratulate you for it, or to give you permission to do it. Who knows how long the Earth will be a survivable place for human beings? This is not the only ‘world’, in any case, and you were always going to die. Death is guaranteed, anyway. As the ‘world’ takes on the color of death, you must more and more take on the color of the Heart.

Danavira Mela is a time for true rejoicing. So is every day, and all the time and years from now, for My devotees. We are not celebrating the conditions of the ‘world’ on this Danavira Mela. We are celebrating your Happiness in whole bodily response to My Revelation to you. The ‘world’ does not give you reasons to do this celebration in love—I do. Therefore, be grateful for it, and be serious about it, and do your part of right life. If you look to the ‘world’ instead of to Me, you will have more and more reasons to be depressed and dark yourself, more and more reasons to be ego-possessed.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“Do the life, and celebrate My Company all year long, and never submit to the ‘world’, never submit to separate ‘self’. Turn to Me, Commune with Me, and forget about the ‘world’. That is the life of Joy. And it is the Law that must be manifested in every moment of your life, for all the years you live. Understand, then, and do this, for real.

Danavira Mela will be a wonderful day that epitomizes all of your lives. Be like the converted Scrooge on that day, and right now. I just wanted to emphasize to you the reasons for Joy.

Make your life out of Joy, and make this celebration out of it. And forget the ‘world’. And forget yourself. And love Me. Love one another. Be full of love. Be full of the Happiness That Transcends the ‘world’.” Adi Da Samrajashram

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