SACRED HISTORY for December 24th

1973  Adi Samraj Gathers with devotees and Discourses on His Function as Divine Guru, Calling all to live perpetually in His Divine Avataric Company.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

“As the True Divine Siddha-Guru, I Am a Function, a Siddhi, a Process, an Activity Available to human beings. Individuals must make themselves available to that Process—not just to My verbal Teaching and to the right-life disciplines I Require, but to Me (in and As My Divinely-Avatarically-Born bodily human Divine Form and Person).

That relationship is characterized by love, devotion, and moment to moment attentiveness in relation to Me. My devotee is simply turned whole bodily to Me—without conflict, without contraction, without limitation. Then the very life of My devotee is manifested as Bliss, Happiness, love, intensity, devotion.

My true devotee is filled with the intensity that comes with constant attention to Me. Through that ‘thread’ of attention, My Divine Siddhi is given a conduit. It cuts through all of your reluctance, ‘self’-concern, conflicts, dilemma, unconsciousness, commitment to un-Happiness—all of the qualities that turn your attention away from Me. Those qualities also prevent the Siddhi of devotional Communion with Me from becoming Active in you.”

Adi Da then Concludes:

“If you were not sitting with Me here tonight, what would you be doing? What is the alternative? What is on television tonight? What could you possibly do? There is nothing for you to do except convert your entire life to devotional Communion with Me.

The gathering of My devotees should be constantly active, constantly growing, always alive. Devotional Communion with Me should be perpetual within the gathering of My devotees, and all My devotees should always be serving It. Such individuals are always Happy. They even lose their concern about the inevitability of mortality.

Now, and forever hereafter, My devotees must always work together to establish places for devotional Communion with Me, places that enable this process to go on all day long. When your life is centered in such places, it becomes possible for you to become free of the usual entertainments, occupations, and distractions.

This does not mean that you will not be present in the ‘world’. You very definitely will be present in the ‘world’. But the Purifying Fire of Spiritual growth and transformation will be constant. If you do that, you will have done something absolutely unique in the ‘world’.”  ~La Brea Ashram, Los Angeles

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