SACRED HISTORY for December 30th

1983  On this day, after an afternoon of celebration with the native Fijian villagers on Naitauba, Avatar Adi Da spontaneously sat with several devotees in the small Fijian village church. Solomani Finau, one of the senior members of the Fijian village, asked if he could also sit with Avatar Adi Da. He was given permission. All present felt this a Sign of a change in Adi Da’s Work. Adi Da Samraj then Gathers with devotees to Give the first part of His Historic Discourse, “Mark My Words”.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Says:

We are moving into the time when God will make the move. This is the beginning of it. Mark My Words. This is the beginning. Let us submit to the terrible ordeal that will serve all humanity. I Am the One Who has been expected. All must find Me out.

Let us relieve mankind of war and of terrible destiny. We have about twenty years to endure, during which it is going to be difficult. Do you understand Me? Starting now. Mark My Words. Even when I have done those twenty years, this world still will not be paradise, but everyone will notice after twenty years from tonight that it is better, that it has become workable.

May it be Blessed, Blessed by the Great One. May hardly anyone notice anything difficult about it at all. I will notice it. May it be easy. Blessed. Blessed.

“Take My Divine Avataric Revelation-Word out to everyone. I want to See some results! The Servant of humankind, in His Time, ought to See the signs of response in His generation.

Do your work for Me, serve Me, and let Me hear of it. I Am here to Transform humankind, not to gather only a handful of people around Me. I have Come here for My Own. I Am the Only Being for Whom every one is His Own.

I want to See a change in humankind. I want to See a change in human history. I want to Know that, like the invisible horse in My Dawn Horse Vision, that change is set in motion and is inevitable. I Know it is inevitable, but I want to See the subtle signs of it. I want the Horse before Me. And that is up to you.

1984 has been proposed as the dreadful year by those infected by scientism. I am not here, however, to let My beloved, in all his and her forms, take on the size of death. I Am here to Change history. Can you imagine that? What an amusing notion!

I Am here in My physical human Lifetime to change the course of human history. No one on Earth has this Mission, this Intention. No one! I Am here to Do it and I Am here to See it, and now I Am Calling you on it.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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