SACRED HISTORY for  December 29th

1980   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Speaks about patterns and the disposition of Love. Part of this Discourse is now in The Aletheon, “The Repenting of egoity”:

“There is not anything that anyone does or has done that gives you a ‘right’—based on any principle whatsoever—to dissociate from that person or to deny yourself the quality of sympathy and compassion relative to that person. Never wish anyone eternal suffering—anyone!

Through the ‘play’ of your life, you must demonstrate the taking on of the suffering of everybody, the conditions of everybody. You must always maintain your sympathy. You must always be free of the tendency to separate from ‘others’. All (including you) are part of the same pattern of totality.

Therefore, in Truth, and in Reality, there is no individual (or separate and ‘personal’) pattern of conditional happening and tendency. Of course, you must transcend your own apparently individual (or apparently ‘personal’) patterns of conditional happening and tendency—but, beyond this, you must overcome your apparently individual patterns of conditional happening and tendency that arise in and as the form of all ‘others’.

This is the true meaning of compassion and love. This is what Reality-Enlightenment inevitably expresses.

There is no ‘private destiny’, there is no ‘personal righteousness’. All are involved in the same Reality—together and indivisibly.”  ~Da Love-Ananda Mahal

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