SACRED HISTORY for July 21st

1972    Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees on the first Celebration of “Guru Day” and Discourses on the “seeking error” in all who approach Him. The following passage from His Discourse on this day, entitled “Skinning The Disciple”, was later published as part of the “Walking the Dog” chapter in The Method of the Siddhas, which was re-Named and expanded as My “Bright” Word.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“The responsibility of My devotees is to live devotional Communion with Me as the Condition of their lives—hour to hour, day to day—and to maintain that relationship in very practical terms.

Coming to Me for ‘techniques’, ‘methods’, and even ‘experiences’ is a form of ‘self’-defense. It is the defense of your condition, your search, your suffering. However ‘holy’ or serious the person may seem to be, the seeker who comes to Me comes to defend ‘Narcissus’—demanding to be served, to be satisfied. But Spiritual life is not the satisfaction of the search. I offer no ‘bones’, no strategic ‘methods’, no consolations, no beliefs, not a thing!”

 Adi Da Goes on to Say:

“I will never give the seeker a ‘bone’. Those who have come for ‘bones’ are waiting in vain, because what they are hoping for is not going to happen. All of that drama of seeking has nothing whatsoever to do with Truth. It is all a lot of bullshit! That is all it is—and I do not spend any time tolerating it.

Your trouble is an illusion. Your search is a reaction to your suffering. Your actual dilemma has barely been conceived by you, barely ‘experienced’. You come to Me for another consolation, to prevent awareness of your suffering. You come for distraction, a fascination, a charming vision. You want to be consoled. But why do you want to be consoled? What state are you in that you should want to be consoled by Me? You are suffering! Yes? Since you are only suffering, why are you defending all of this nonsense? It is time to be rid of all of that. It is utterly unnecessary. It can be abandoned!

All of that is what I want surrendered as gifts around My Feet. I want to see your gift to Me of all the suffering, all the sorrows, all the long faces, all the usual Yoga, all the ‘kriya shakti’, all the visions, all the beliefs, all the philosophies, all the conventional ‘religion’ and Spirituality, all your personal (and even racial) history. I want to see your attachment to birth and your fear of death. I want to Free you of all of it! Such are the implications of Truth.”  ~Los Angeles

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