SACRED HISTORY for July 30th

1980   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Discourses on the commonly held belief that suffering leads one to Great Wisdom.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“Suffering is something in itself. It does not lead to anything else. It does not lead to Wisdom. It does not lead to Enlightenment. It is just what it is. Suffering is inherent to human existence.

The creative process of growing involves suffering. Spiritual life is not a way of using suffering to get Enlightened, nor is it specifically a way to not suffer. It is simply a matter of a positive choice of That Which Is Real and Spiritual and Transcendental and Divine.

No amount of suffering gets you to Realize Reality Itself—although suffering has a capability to liberate your attention to some degree, so that you can notice it, perhaps. People who speak positively about suffering are a little bit like Rudi—the ‘tear your guts out’ school—as if, because you can say that you can learn something through suffering, that means that you should, therefore, choose suffering.

The ascetical ‘practicing’ schools are, in one sense, founded on the choice of suffering as a practice—as if choosing suffering were somehow the necessary basis for the choice of Real-God-Realization. But Real-God-Realization Transcends suffering and enjoyment. You can enter into Divine Communion in the midst of a life that suffers—and in the midst of a life that enjoys.

Every kind of circumstance of life can provide the circumstance for Spiritual practice. But no particular circumstance of life, better than all the others, serves Enlightenment. Because it is not the circumstances of life that create Enlightenment. It is the intuition of the Transcendental Spiritual Divine Reality that serves Enlightenment. It is the understanding, the intelligence, the intuition of That Reality that creates the practice—not circumstance. Thus, the striving to maintain a continuous condition of what you would think to be a condition of enjoyment is also not a means to Enlightenment. It is clearly deluded. But so also would be the strategic choice of suffering.

Rather than choosing enjoyment or suffering as the ‘method’ of Real-God-Realization, you should choose Real God. And in that choice, your life achieves a kind of balance, a coherence, becomes a creative process in which there are limitations and pleasures and difficulties. It is a matter of sensitivity to the process of existence, and to the Divine Reality.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

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