SACRED HISTORY for August 3rd

1972    The Knee of Listening first published

1979  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” the Awakening Power of the Divine Spiritual Personality.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“Ultimately, the Spiritual Master is Realized by the devotee simply and directly As the Divine Person. That Realization or intuition must be true in the beginning, in some fundamental manner, for the practice to be true and truly ego-transcending.

Only sympathy with the Spiritual Master As the Divine Person has the Power of the direct transcending of egoity and the absolute Awakening of the being.

You must realize right association with the ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ aspects of the Spiritual Master in order always to enter into devotional Communion with the Divine Person, in order always to transcend even your own attachment to various aspects of the conditionally manifested personality of the Spiritual Master.

Whatever your association with the Spiritual Master, you must always realize intimacy with him or her as the Divine Person. But you cannot really enter into all of this until fear begins to weaken in you.

To transcend fear, you must be able to rest the being deeply in the Current of Life.

Fear is a primary tension on the heart, producing unconsciousness. What you call ‘consciousness’ is unconsciousness. It is nearly complete unconsciousness. It is a dreamy state of mind in which you do not comprehend much about your situation. People in the ‘world’ are not clearly awake in this dimension. They are not awakened into their ‘experience’—they reflect it, as in a dream. They are not present, awake, fully conscious of what is going on here. They are asleep.

You must awaken in your ‘higher’ personality to be fully conscious here because you cannot account for this life merely on the basis of your ‘lower’, thinking mind, your vital intelligence, which you do not even enter into psychically.

You must pass through and transcend your fear. You do not want to feel fully into the Life-Current because you are afraid of all kinds of possible ‘experiences’, from death to madness, all of which could occur. But if you are wise, you will break through this weak-willedness.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“Your involvement in life is entirely paradoxical. You cannot depend on anything except Real God. Once you learn to depend upon Real God, the Revelation of ‘experience’ will be orderly, and you will move out of the disposition of this dream. You will Awaken. It is a literal matter of waking up. It is a matter of existing in a different manner altogether than you presume or think possible.”  ~The Mountain of Attention

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