SACRED HISTORY for September 6th

 1987  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Discourses on the human urge to Happiness and its expression through the motive to create and participate in art.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“The motive of art is being lost—it seems. Art, traditionally, even since ancient times, was supposed to uplift and purify and move you beyond.

Everyone has been vulgarized by TV and the ‘daily news’ and politics and all the rest of it, conventional realism, egoic realism. Thus, the motive of art is getting lost. Everything is chaos and vulgarity, a disturbing sign of bad meditation, a bad vision. And this is what people now call ‘entertainment’. It is a commercial for ‘self’-indulgence. That is what entertainment is these days. And it gets people to be ‘self’-indulgent, to be consumers, then. Not to be straight, plain, happy, loving, to make sense out of life and bring order to the ‘world’—not that. Rarely is that even suggested. In fact, it is generally suggested that that is not possible. And, since it is not possible, one should just be stimulated and vulgar. That is all you get to do—be stimulated by blows. Well, that is not entertainment. That is not art. Never was art. They do not even call it ‘art’ these days. It is just entertainment. It is just consumption, consumerism, fast stimulation. On the other hand, whatever you could say about the function of art, certainly a fundamental purpose for art is to move people to a greater disposition and purpose—to enlarge life, to humanize it, ultimately, to Spiritualize it and Enlighten it. This, traditionally, has been the function of art—to make life whole, to invest life, not with vulgar realism, but with That Which Transcends vulgar realism (that destiny of death and unhappiness).

You become what you meditate on. If you are going to oblige yourself to watch some entertainment, it ought to be entertaining, it ought to be humanizing and uplifting, and it should not create stress, it should transcend stress. You should transcend stress in the observation of it. It should be a way of participating in happiness—naturally human signs of happiness, and Greater Signs. That is art. Everybody is vulgarized by nature anyway—why must you entertain yourselves with it, as if there is nothing but vulgarity. That is not entertainment.

The purpose of entertainment or art is to uplift you and help you have a greater vision, a greater motivation than the most vulgar signs in nature suggest. The human being is supposed to be gifted at least with the potential to transcend the vulgarity of nature, the unhappiness of mortality, through a human and (in due course) Spiritual disposition. This unique capability of the human being, then, must be registered through art—through all human exchanges, therefore, including the arts. That is what you must do with one another. In your daily association, you must humanize yourselves, humanize your lives and Spiritualize them, in due course. Contribute to the potential Enlightenment of all beings, not merely rehearse the death sign, the egoic sign, the vulgarity of suffering, and so on. Why must this be rehearsed, dramatized, magnified, enforced, and reinforced?”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“As My devotees, you have a Way to be whole, a Way to be human, a Way to be free. You must demonstrate it, then, through all your doings and your arts. And make your doings artfully, make your arts truly into art, and not just a continued rehearsal of egoity and vulgarization or defamation of humankind or yourselves. So, you must purify yourself of these things. You would naturally do so—inevitably you would do this—if you are moved at all in My Divine Avataric Company, grown at all.

I am not just some traditional Realizer. Rather, I Am the Seed of a gathering of Realization, of human beings, Transcendentally Spiritually growing beings. I Am the Seed of a Great Process that can affect others. That Is My Purpose—not just to be As I Am, Telling you what My Realization is, and so forth. What does that do for you? I need not even have Spoken if that is all I am going to do. I could just be quiet and stay home.

The Purpose of My Doings and My Speech is to make it possible for you to invest in that Process, to make a new kind of humanity, to introduce into the common ‘world’, such as it is at this moment, a process for human beings that is humanly virtuous and Spiritual, and in terms of Enlightenment, Ultimately Most Auspicious. So the sign that should appear in My Divine Avataric Company is that demonstration on your part, in everything you do—in the company of one another, in My Divine Avataric Company, altogether and forever.

You are a unique seed in the ‘world’. Do some good work and purify your lives in the process. Not idealistically, and not uptight, not puritanical. Happy! Expansive! Free, full of understanding.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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