SACRED HISTORY for March 11th

1973    Adi Da Samraj Gives the Talk The Heaven-Born Gospel of The Ruchira Avatar on the First Prasad Day.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

I have Come into this “world” for the sake of My devotees, those who are Mine.  My devotees are all those who surrender into devotional Communion with Me and (Ultimately, Most Perfectly) Realize Me.

  Therefore, any one who comes to Me in order to Realize the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and Self-State (That Is Real Acausal God, and Truth Itself, and Reality Itself), and who persists in surrendering into devotional Communion with Me, is My Own.” 

Am the Unqualified Self-Nature of Reality Itself.

And I Appear As My Own Light, Which Is the Radiance of the Spiritually “Bright” Divine Heart.

The Spiritually “Bright” Divine Heart Is not a static condition, not the “thing” of Being, but the Divine Self-Condition of all-and-All, and even the Process of Eternal Manifestation (in Which there is no dilemma, and Which, paradoxically, Is Eternally One and Unqualified).

Within the Unqualified Reality spring worlds made by apparent modification of the Divine Conscious Light.

Thus, from the Spiritually “Bright” Divine Heart and the Infinitely Ascended Matrix of Divine Light spring conditional worlds whose Substance Is That Same Light, and whose True Self-Nature Is That Same Heart.

And I Have Appeared in this world by virtue of a Magnification of the Spiritually “Bright” Divine Heart Itself (Which Is My Own Heart) and a Materialization of the Divine Light (Which Is My Own Light).

I have Come for the sake of My own, those who heart-recognize Me and heart-respond to Me when I Reveal Myself to them in Forms of Life, Light, and Truth.

The Spiritually “Bright” Divine Heart and the Infinitely Ascended Matrix of Divine Light Are My Primordial Spiritual Forms in this world.

They are My Communication of the Spiritually “Bright” Divine Reality, the “Bright” Divine Spherical Self-Domain That Is Real God, the Truth That Is Always Already the Case.

I am here to Live with My own, to Discipline and Teach them, to Reveal the Truth to them, and to Draw them to Me. . .

Prepare yourself.

I want true devotees, not seekers.

I Am the Avataric Divine Realizer, the Avataric Divine Revealer, and the Avataric Divine Self-Revelation of Real God — the Prasad, the Object and Process of meditation for My devotees.

My Teaching Is This:
Turn to Me, and understand.  ~Los Angeles, CA

1999    Adi Da Samraj begins developing His “Lineage Essay” entitled I (Alone) Am The Adidam Revelation while in seclusion at the Outshining “Brightness“. ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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