SACRED HISTORY for  September 8th

1975   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and Gives the Talk “Sex, Laughter, and God-Realization”.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“Three fundamental disturbances appear to the ‘solid’ order of your life. These are sex, laughter, and Real-God-Realization. Wherever these three appear—sex, or pleasure, laughter, or non-seriousness, and Real-God-Realization, or Perfect Awakening—they upset the form of life. They are all forms of Ecstasy, of Formlessness, of Unconditional Happiness. For that reason, all three are in various ways suppressed, manipulated, prevented, falsified, culturally excised from your daily lives. In sex, or pleasure, the body and the life-force are overwhelmed. In laughter, the mind is overwhelmed. In Real-God-Realization, the ‘self’ is overwhelmed.

When all these three are enjoyed, everything is overwhelmed, and the ‘world’ is exploded. That is the dance of Siva, the ‘Play’ of Real God. Thus, the ‘world’ is the ‘Play’ of Real God, and it is Already Free. It is Already ‘Madness’. You think of it as some very ‘solid’, humorless ‘something’, but when you really see it, you will see the ‘Madness’ of it, the ‘Play’ of it, the Formlessness, the Ecstasy, the Happiness of it.

Now you are weighed down by your ‘considerations’, by your assumption of a separate ‘self’-sense, by your striving. As a result, you see the ‘world’ as an illusion, as a condition of suffering, and there are many things about the ‘world’ and about yourself that you do not like. These are the things you suppress and hope will go away, or be brought to an end by ‘Jesus’ or someone! But there is no Divine life without understanding all of that, without the ‘Perfect Knowing’ of it, the ‘Perfect Playing’ of it.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“There is no compassion without true humor.

There is no love without pleasure.

There is no Freedom without Real-God-Realization.

What is called ‘compassion’ from the conventional ‘point of view’ of ‘religious’ motivation is a strategy, an attitude, not real compassion, because true humor is not realized, Divinity is not realized, the pleasure that is Life is not realized. Such ‘compassion’ is assumed as a ‘method’ for attaining realization, but it is not compassion any more than loving your neighbor as a moral creed or ‘religious’ motivation is love. It (perhaps) enables you to manipulate your life in various ways to produce the social conventions that you call ‘love’, ‘compassion’, and so forth, but these are purely conventional. They have social value at best.

When you are capable of life as Ecstasy, as Real Enjoyment, then you can love. Then you have no option. Then you are only love. When your humor is complete beyond any limitation, beyond the possibility of being undone, then you are compassionate. Then you are only compassion. When Real-God-Realization is Perfect, there is only Real God. Then you are Free.

Values that are socially benign may be communicated to society by such Real-God-Realized individuals, or by those gathered around them, but such values are not fully true expressions in an individual until there is Perfect Realization. As long as there is egoic ‘self’-identification with the separate ‘subject’ and its adventure, the pleasure, true humor, and Real-God-Realization of others is a threat.

You must come to a point of being present with a degree of manliness, man or woman. You must begin to live on the basis of what you have understood, what is obvious to you, the revelation of your ego-transcending practice in My Divine Avataric Company. Then you will be an enjoyer in spite of the ‘news’, in spite of the homely and ordinary and mediocre appearance of others, and you will be capable of true humor in spite of the humorlessness of the cultural, ‘religious’, and social traditions by which you ritually bind one another.

You will be capable of being Happy. You will know that you inhere in the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself, in spite of all the grim-faced preachers and all the dogmas to the contrary. In that case, you will be useful to others—not until then, however.”  ~The Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary

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