SACRED HISTORY for September 9th

1984   Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” how He is devotionally recognized by His devotees.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“As I have Indicated to you, the Reality-Way of Adidam involves devotional recognition of Me in four basic Forms.

This bodily (human) Form that you perceive as Me, and which is very important in the context of your human life, is also associated with the first form of devotional recognition of Me As Teacher. It is associated with your devotional recognition of Me As Siddha, but not specifically associated with your devotional recognition of Me As Siddhi, or Divine Presence. That is something else—or it does not necessarily have any relationship to this physical Form. It may have a relationship to it, but it cannot be equated with it absolutely or exclusively. So, at that level of devotional recognition, you are dealing with a Transcendental Spiritual ‘Phenomenon’ that could take on many forms—or no form, apart from the simple Transcendental Spiritual Form of My Divine Presence.

The next level is recognition of Me as the Transcendental Spiritual ‘Self’, the Divine ‘Self’. And then there is the Divine Star, the Doorway. None of these three Forms look like this Body. On the other hand, because you are a human being, and have linked up with Me through This, My bodily (human) Divine Form, even your devotional recognition of Me in these three more advanced Forms tends to be associated with your cognition of Me or perception of Me in My bodily (human) Divine Form. And, so, It will tend to be associated with your Transcendental Spiritual ‘experiences’. But what it is altogether—what your ‘experience’ is going to be—you will just have to see.

You must devotionally recognize Me, you must enter into devotional Communion with Me and allow It to take on whatever Form It takes, and (therefore) you can literally see Me in a Form that bears a recognizable likeness to this ‘Man-Form’ in all of the ‘worlds’, all of them. But you can also ‘experience’ Me simply in My Transcendental Spiritual Form, or as the Transcendental Spiritual ‘Self’, or as the Divine Star, devotionally recognizing Me (certainly) but without any of the other features—without brows hanging over the edges of the upper point of the star, and so forth! Or you could see Me with nothing but a five-pointed star with brows on it! You will devotionally recognize Me, that is all, and all kinds of features associated with this human Vehicle may be present there. So It is also perceptible, then, in all the planes, from here to the Divine Domain.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“In some paradoxical sense, you will devotionally recognize Me because you do not recognize Me. When you see a picture of your father, for example, you think you ‘know’ who it is. When you see a picture of Me, it is the unidentifiable aspect that makes Me recognizable. And, so, it is My un-recognizability, paradoxically, that makes Me recognizable. Everyone else you see seems ‘knowable’ to you—and I do not. And that un-‘knowability’ makes Me somehow ‘knowable’ or familiar to you.

I Am the Mastering male Form, but I also Am ‘Ma’, Supremely Attractive, and Attractive in the Divine sense, Ultimately Self-Submitted, Self-Sacrificed without separate identity. I qualify relative to all of those Signs. This is part of the paradox of your devotional recognition of Me. And in the Ruchira Avatara Mahamantra ‘Om Ma Da’, you are seeing Me in all three Forms. I am not just one of them—all three, all three are Signed. You are shifted out of your shapes by your regard of Me. So, to Commune with Me, to surrender to Me, to turn to Me is to be moved out of this limit, or whatever limit you are associated with. And, even if you see Me in the likeness associated with this Form of My (human) Incarnation in some other realm, it still moves you Beyond.

My Appearance does not limit you. The appearance of any other human being limits you. Mine does not. This is also fundamental to your devotional recognition of Me. Your right recognition of Me is such that even if you did not perceive Me in the likeness of this human Manifestation, you would still devotionally recognize Me. It is still Me. This is why, while you are alive in human form, you must devotionally recognize Me and Commune with Me in all of My Forms, at every level of recognition. This gives you the strength, the capability beyond this ‘world’—beyond death—to participate in the Transcendental Spiritual process of devotional Communion with Me, where you may (possibly, though not necessarily) be shifted out of any association with this human likeness. Your devotional recognition of Me will still permit you to recognize Me—in that place, in that state, in that moment—As I Am, and in some other Form that is not associated with this human likeness. But you may also see this Appearance or a transformed version of It.

You will always ‘Know’ Me.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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