1995  Adi Da Samraj Gathers with devotees and “Considers” the necessary practice preliminaries, and the signs of “Locating” Him that must appear for the Transcendental Spiritual process to be true.

His Divine Presence Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da Says:

“The practice of ‘radical’ devotion to Me involves the turning of all the principal faculties to Me. In the beginner’s process, this can show Samadhi signs, or absorptive signs of one kind or another. But you must do this ego-transcending practice moment to moment—not just in the Communion Hall or on occasion—such that your entire life becomes this devotional turning to Me, this ‘self’-forgetting, this devotional Communion with Me, this Ecstasy. If you do that ego-transcending practice in My Divine Avataric Company, then this turning of all the faculties to Me, this yielding of the body-mind-complex to My Condition—fully, devotionally yielding to the Condition of Energy-Ecstasy, moment to moment—should have prepared you for Transcendental Spiritual ‘Locating’ of Me, the Transcendental Spiritual Finding of Me.

But you cannot do that—‘Locate’ Me, identify Me, enter into Transcendental Spiritual Communion with Me—unless you have become fully capable to yield these faculties, practice this true devotion to the point of Ecstasy, bringing the body-mind-complex into the condition of Energy, and so on. If you have limitations on all that practice of ‘radical’ devotion to Me, then they will show themselves glaringly when you come to Me for the Transcendental Spiritual purpose specifically. The signs of the lack of preparedness for such yielding will show up very quickly.

All the faculties given, absorbed in My Divine Avataric Condition, and yielded (therefore) to the Condition of Limitless Energy—if really done and brought to Me, and you ‘Locate’ My Transcendental Spiritual Transmission—this is more than the energy usually there to circulate in the body. This is Unlimited Force. The body-mind-complex is not prepared simply to drink That in. It can conduct It, and the heart can Find Me Transcendentally Spiritually, but because the body-mind-complex is not adapted to such Great Force, the body shakes, the body moves in various ways, all kinds of things happen in the body. All kinds of things happen emotionally, in the feeling sense. A profound expansion occurs. Attention becomes fixed in this Love-Bliss-Transmission, and the breath is controlled by It, does all kinds of things automatically, such as spontaneous Yogic breath control, and so on. A wide variety of ‘experiences’ are possible. There are different signs in every individual case, but if there are no signs, it is because this turning to Me is not being engaged.”

Adi Da goes on to Say:

“Transcendental Spiritual ‘Locating’ of Me, and the signs, the changes made by this Infusion, affect the four faculties that you are to turn to Me in the practice of ‘radical’ devotion to Me, from the beginning of the Reality-Way of Adidam. That is one of the principal reasons why this Yoga is done from the beginning. By that turning of the four faculties to Me, you are adapting the vehicle, the body-mind-complex, to devotion to Me, to openness, to Ecstasy, to absorption, and to the Limitless Condition of Energy. And, then, by Means of My Divine Avataric Self-Transmission, you can ‘Locate’ Me. But if you are not adept at turning the four faculties to Me, even though you may say you have ‘Located’ Me, it cannot be true.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

2006  Adi Da Samraj Recites His new Rendering, The Spiritual Gospel of Saint Jesus of Galilee, Re-Told—and Revealed Again—by Adi Da Samraj. Adi Da Samrajashram

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