SACRED HISTORY for June 19th

1984  Adi Da Samraj Writes the Essay “Technical Considerations Relative to Mahamantra Meditation”, the final paragraphs of which, Re-Written and Greatly Expanded, become part of the Epilogue to His All-Completing Divine Source-Text The Dawn Horse Testament.

His Divine Presence, Parama-Sapta-Na Adi Da, Writes:

“Now I Have, By All My “Heroically Wild” Avataric Means, Revealed My One and Many Divine Secrets As The Great Person Of The Heart.

For Your Sake, I Made My Every Work and Word. And Now, By Every Work and Word I Made, I Have Entirely Confessed (and Showed) Myself—and Always Freely, and Even As A Free Man, In The ‘Esoteric’ Language Of Intimacy and Ecstasy, Openly Worded To You (and To all).

Even Now (and Forever Hereafter), By This (My Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine Word Of Heart), I Address every Seeming-Separate being (and each one) As The Heart Itself, Because It Is Necessary That all beings, Even The Entire Cosmic Domain Of Seeming-Separate beings, Be (In all times and places) Called To Wisdom and The Heart.”

Adi Da then Writes:

“And I Would Have all beings Hear My Word (That Calls The Heart To My Heart-Grace), and See My ‘Brightness’ (Who Is Not ‘Other’) Face To Face, and (By This Great Fortune) Grow To Realize The Divine Heart-Secret Of Existence (Even Now)—but I Must Also Tell You That What Is Truly Secret (or Inherently Hidden From The ‘self’-Contracted Heart) Remains So, Even When My Own Confession and All These Me-Revealing Words Are Made and Given To each and all.

Therefore, My Divine Heart-Secret Is The Heart Itself, Who Must Hear and See Me ‘Brighten’ Up The Space, and Go The Way It Is.”  ~Adi Da Samrajashram

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